If I take 4 shots of vodka in a row, will that get me drunk?

7 Answers

  1. depends on your weight and gender

  2. Depends on your tolerance, your weight, your gender, if you take any medications, etc.

    But generally speaking, yes. If you’re not used to taking vodka shots then don’t do it. You’ll be sick within 20 minutes.

    In fact, if you decide to take 4 shots of vodka, then I suggest hanging around the bathroom for a couple hours to prevent yourself from puking in places you’d rather not puke.

  3. My Honest Opinion Take Four Shots Of Warm Milk And Go To Bed You Young One!

  4. Depends on the person, but if under 21 you shouldn’t drink even 1.

  5. it depends on body type, how much you’ve eaten etc. I’m sure you’ll at least get buzzed from it.

  6. it will make you felling not well will make you vomit you will get a lit the bit dizzy you might as well sleep.

  7. nah but could make you vomit …do a favor try it and tell me please

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