if homogenized cells are fractionation by differential centrifugation

Question 1

if homogenized cells are fractionated by differential centrifugation, which of the following organelles will require the greatest centrigfugation speed to form a pellet at the bottom of the tube?

a. mitochondria

b. chloroplasts

c. nuclei

d. ribosomes

Question 2

Who is most to blame for Bacon’s Rebellion? Declaration of the People of Virginia The “Declaration of the People of Virginia” was a recitation of grievances by Nathaniel Bacon towards then-Virginia Governor William Berkley. The declaration served as the justification of Bacon’s Rebellion and by alleging various corrupt and dictatorial practices by Berkley, called for the arrest of Berkley and his allies and the seizure of their property.
Question 3

What law was passed as a result of Bacon’s Rebellion? How Rebellion Affects the Ruling Class: In early rebellion, there is an undercurrent of fear historically by the class that is in danger of losing power. The result of Bacon’s Rebellion was the creation of fear in the ruling class of Virginia. Because of this fear, efforts at lawmaking were focused on creating centralized power beyond the existing power of the ruling class to prevent further rebellion.

Answer to question 1

At very low speeds, large objects such as nuclei sediment form a pellet at the base of the centrifuge tube, but at a slightly higher speed, a mitochondria pellet is formed and at very high speeds and long periods of centrifugation, first small vesicles are closed and then ribosomes can be called.
Answer to question 2

While it used to be the opinion of historians that Bacon’s Rebellion was caused by the overweening rule of the British appointed governor, William Berkley, the modern consensus is that the rebellion started by Nathaniel Bacon due to his desire for more frontier land, political ambitions and his personal animosity towards Berkley. His supporters wanted broad war against local American Indian tribes both to increase the security of the English settlers, but also to free up more land for settlement.
Answer to question 3

Answer and Explanation: In Virginia, following Bacon’s Rebellion, laws passed including a law to ensure voting was allowed only for those who were propertied. This was sought to preserve power among propertied men. Taxes were also lowered to ensure those properties remained in existing families.

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