I put the wrong email address on an online clothing order!?

Does this matter? :/

5 Answers

  1. If you want a reply, then yes it does matter. Contact the company, explain your mistake and give your correct email address.

  2. Most stores just use the email address to confirm that your order has been recieved, and also to email you when the order was shipped. You won’t be able to cancel or change your order since you entered the wrong email address, but as long as you entered the correct street address and billing info, it’s possible to get your order as you ordered it. The only complications that I could imagine is if the email address you entered is the email address of another person. They would then recieve a confirmation showing what you ordered, and probably your name and where it’s being shipped to (probably not your credit card information). They might then be confused and think they’re being charged for it, and cancel the order (I don’t know if they would have the power to do this, but it’s possible) or they may just figure out someone ordered clothes and used the wrong email address, and leave it alone, in which case you’d get your order.

  3. certainly that isn’t any longer in part their fault basically because of the fact they have not got a signer settlement. basically considering the fact which you think of they might desire to. in the event that they do no longer – they do no longer. the save despatched to and the submit place of work extra to the handle you offered. You knew there wasn’t a signer settlement going into the deal. and you had concern formerly – so which you may desire to have been conscious that there ought to be concern returned. so which you could’t shift most of the blame. The submit place of work will no longer refund you cash. they did no longer get you cash in the 1st place. They did their activity. by potential of delivering to the handle you offered. no count if the save does or no longer relies upon upon their coverage. in spite of the undeniable fact that, additionally they did their activity by potential of sending to the handle you offered. So, incredibly, if there is any blame and fault – that is yours. Sorry to sound harsh yet you have been the single to make the errors. you besides might knew there wasn’t a signer settlement. So how are you able to fault every person else? unlucky yet real. in the adventure that your notice continues to be on neighbor’s door – perhaps neighbor is out of city. At this element – approximately all you’re able to do is shop attempting to touch neighbor. And be greater careful sooner or later.

  4. No I do not believe it really matters. All they want your e mail address for is so they can sent you a bunch of junk mail and sell your e mail to other companies so they can sent you even more junk mail. So in a way it is good that you put the wrong one on there

  5. If u put ya number in there then it shouldnt matter

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