I need help with Crypt Raider, level 83 @Miniclip….HELP?

It’s driving me crazy

4 Answers

  1. Here you go!

    Level 83

    1) Move down letting the stones fall behind you , move to the left at the bottom, then remove the dirt from under the stone and let it drop on the dynamite.

    2) Push the 1st jewel into the transporter.

    3) Drop 1 stone at a time and push it behind the transporter.

    Push one of the dynamites at the top onto a fly in between the 2 mummy jails.

    4) Get one mummy to follow you down to the bottom and drop the stone next to the jewel on it.

    5) Now the 2nd mummy should follow you down, do the same thing with the 2nd stone.

    6) Push the jewels into the transporter.

  2. heyy basicaly push the dinamite into the stone 1 by 1…dont push them all together…. then got to the Blue orbs..and push on to the left which is the loer one then the upper one to the right and push them into the portal which is at the very bottom…..hope this helped xx

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