I need at least ten personification words for the words “Chair” and “Kite”.?

Ok, i’m really bad at personification (using human descriptions to describe inhuman objects,) And I need them really quick, cuz i have to write a poem.

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  1. the bones of the chair creaked

    the chair stared ominously at the prisoner

    the chair sat alone in the dark

    the chair’s arms held the prisoner

    the chair rested its head on the doorknob

    the chair leaned back as though relaxing

    the chair creaked, its scream echoing in the silence

    as the chair broke in half, it screamed in imaginary pain

    the chair twisted to look behind it (good one if using a chair that can spin around)

    the man grabbed the chair and flicked it into the air; like a cat, the chair landed on all fours

    the kite greedily clung to the wind

    the kite’s tail clung to the hands of the child

    the kite zipped past the air, rising higher

    the kite dodged the lightning

    the kite admitted defeat as it fell to the ground

    the kite breathed in the fresh air

    the kite opened its arm and reveled in the wind that blew it higher into the sky

    the kite savored the wind that was blowing in its face

    the kite smiled at the sun

    the kite smiled down on everyone

    the kite danced majestically across the sky

  2. Personification Words

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  4. CHAIR







  5. barked

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