I live in New Delhi, India. I want to donate blood. How? Where? Minimum requirements?

Hospitals which will allow me to do so. How much do I need to pay? Any preliminary tests?

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  1. Its a great thing that you want to donate blood. You can go to nay society like Redcross or Durlabhji. Or any big hospital, there you will find a blood donation department, in which you can simply go and donate blood. Or you can donate blood directly to someone who is in urgent need, you can find somebody there easily.

    To donate blood you just need to confirm your age, your fitness.

    your age should be more than 18yrs, your weight greater than 45kgs, you should not be ill recently and should not be on a regular medicine for diabetes, lung or heart disease and should not be drunk in last 48hrs. And should have donated blood in last 6months.

    Hospitals like



    Apollo Escorts


    Mata chanan devi


    and many more have this facility.

    No need to worry, they will give you some instant rest there and something to eat to feel better, it does not give you any weakness or so afterwards nad blood is replenished within 2 days.

    And you will get a card too from which you can have blood when you need it for someone in some other mishappening. You can use that card for 1yr anywhere in india.

  2. Blood Donation Camp In Delhi

  3. https://shorturl.im/axTtA

    I am sorry to say that I haven’t done blood donation as yet πŸ™ But, I always feel that I would like to be helpful to some one needy. I am going to donate my blood in the near future for sure. I have made up my mind to donate my eyes after I pass away. Have you ever donated your blood? If yes how did you feel??? Thanks for posting this Q!! EDIT: Wow, you have done a gr8 thing!!! I know it’s just a pin-prick but I never tried it. I hope I keep my promise to donate in the near future πŸ™‚

  4. You are at the wrong place. Here we talk about gas and octane Not blood.

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