I have physics questions please help! they are on static and current electricity. help!?

An operating lamp draws a current of 0.50 ampere. The amount of charge passing through the lamp in 10. seconds is?

A lighting bolt transfers 6.0 coulombs of charge from a cloud to the ground in 2.0×10-3 second. What is the average current during this event?

A 12 volt automobile battery has 8.4×10 to the third power coulombs of electric charge. The amount of electrical energy stored in the battery is?

4 Answers

  1. 1 ampere = 1 coulomb / sec

    0.50 amp means 5 coulombs in 10 sec.

    6.0 coulombs in 2.0X10^-3 sec = (6.0/2.0)10^3 amp

    1 amp-hour = 1 coulomb/sec X 3600 sec = 3600 coulomb so

    8.4X 10^3 coulombs = 8.4 X 10^3/3.6X10^3 amp-hrs = 2.3amp-hrs which is how batteries are rated. The energy is 12V X 2.3 amp for one hour = 27.8 watt-hours

  2. Current is defined as: Coulombs/second, or

    I = q/t

    You should be able to use that formula to solve the first two.

    The second one is similar. This time you need to know that voltage is defined as: Joules/Coulomb or

    v = E/q

    You can re-arrange that for the energy stored.

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  4. I think you are confused.Current electricity and static electricity are different

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