I found a cordless drill and i need a charger do i need to get a specific one to the drill or to the Battery ?

I found a Tooltec 18v cordless hammer drill but no charger are there specific types of charger to types of batterey or is it to the drill itself can i use the charger from any drill with an 18v removable power pack or the battereys unique to the drill itself or are they all a standard fitting and where can i get one?

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  1. sorry mate. each cordless comes with its own version of charger. batteries in some cases are inter changeable.admittedly not very often. check out the local tool mart and see how much a charger is. if its more than £e30.oo , stuff it . tooltec sounds like ,no torque,no gears worth speaking off. if you can t get the charger and a spare battery for under a tenner,forget it .waste of money. invest in a makita. i ve worked with makita for 25 years, and they are the most reliable easy to use ,hard wearing tools around . think about it.

    ps b & q has a great offer for a 18 volt cordless makita ,inclusive 3 batteries and charger. batteries charge in half an hour . it will set you back £90.00.

  2. The batteries are usually unique to the drill.

    But if you know the model # of the drill you should be able to search online for a replacement charger for that type of battery.

    You might be able to source a charger from the part # of the battery as well.

  3. fraid the charger and battery would probably cost more than a new drill .

    Tooltec sounds a cheapo make so probably would be as well to throw it out for someone else to find .

    I saw my local b and q had a Ryobi 12v drill with charger and 2 batteries along with a pretty good set of drills and bits in a carry case ..it was £27 so would it really be worth spending monwy to buy a battery and charger for your drill ?

  4. you ned one specifically for the model of drill you have as there are differences even between same make chargers depending on the battery used

  5. lol I have recently found one as well where can I find the charger for it

  6. You may find exactly what you need on ebay. I’ve had a lot of luck for little $ finding parts for things I’ve found and fixed

  7. You will need one specifically for that drill!

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