I don’t think I did this right. Does anyone know how to do this? explain I’m confused?

I’m having trouble figuring this out. I have to find the ions. (the numbers are supposed to be subscript below)

What ions are present in the following compounds?

1) Na3PO4 what ions are present? PO43- or P3+ or O2- or Na3P2+ or Na+ or PO4-

(I put down Na+ and P3+.

2) Al (ClO4)3 what ions are present? Al+ or O2- or Cl- or Al3+ or ClO43- or Clo4-

(I put down Al3+ and ClO43-)

3) SrSo4 what ions are present? Sr+ or Sr3+ or SO42- or SO43- or So4- or Sr2+

(I put down Sr+ and SO4-)

4) PbCl4 ions that are present? Cl2- or Pb4+ or Cl4- or PbCl3+ or Pb3+ or Cl-

(I put down Cl- and Pb4+)

1 Answer

  1. 1) Na+, PO4(3-)

    2) Al3+, ClO4-

    3) Sr2+, SO4(2-)

    4) Pb4+, Cl-

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