i dont know what to write on the back of my graduation pictures?

a bunch of my friends and my girlfriend all want me to write something special on the back of the graduation pictures that im giving them. if anybody could give me some advice or ideas it would be very helpful

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  1. “Here’s to all the fun we had at school,and to our bright futures.”

    “I’ll always remember our great times in school. I wish you many more great times ahead.”

    “Good luck, success and happiness to you now and always.”

    I know you don’t talk like this, so you’ll have to put these in your own words.

  2. Try writing down an inside joke, if you have that with any of them.

    You could put something from the heart like, “thanks for always being my friend”

    Or even have a little humor- “Please don’t ruin the picture with your slober, I know you will have this picture under your pillow” :]

Relevant information

You have a lot of options when it comes your graduation stole, and deciding what to write can be difficult.  Here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself to help select the perfect message for the occasion:

When you look back at your school career years from now, what do you want to remember?

You likely participated in one or several clubs, sports, or degree programs. If any of those experiences helped shape you as a graduate, you may want to note them on your stole.

This is the first thing you should ask, and may help you decide right away.

What or who helped shaped you as a person?

Graduating is all about entering your next life stage a different person than you were when you started school. What changed for you? Did anybody help?

Consider wearing a custom kente stole “of gratitude” to honor a friend, family member, or teacher who has influenced your success, and gift that person with the stole after the commencement. The stole might say, ‘In gratitude of…’, followed by the name of the person.

What are other students writing?

You can get inspiration from what your classmates are writing on their stoles, or even work together with them on a message that everyone can use, like a class motto.

If you can’t decide on a perfect message, simply having ‘Class of…’ followed by your class year is both a popular and appropriate approach for the stole, and it will look simple and classy.

No matter what you decide to write on your stole, wear it well and be proud of your success!

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