I accidentily swallowed a whole Jolly Rancher withuot sucking on it?

Should I seek medical assistance?

12 Answers

  1. Sugar dissolves.

    You’re good.

  2. The fluids in your stomach will dissolve the jolly rancher. You are a ok!

  3. hahahha i remember doing that when I was younger. Be laughing and it just slip. It’s happened to me with gum a few times too.

    You’ll be fine the acids in your stomach will dissolve it before you have a chance to poop it lol

  4. Drink some water and youll feel better within minutes.

  5. Uh you should go get a cat scan tho to see if there is any brain activity.

  6. Warning the exit may cause pain!

  7. well if ur able to type and everything then u r ok and if ur not chockin then ur fine hun so im goin say ur fine plus it will dissvole in ur stomach

  8. your ok, just make sure you dont swallow anymore, because if you do youre stomach fluids might not be able to handle it!

  9. Only if you wanna hear… Another One not sucking then swallowing.

    When will they learn? <tisk tisk>


    sorry i am getting punchy

  10. relax,

    you’re stomach enzymes will melt it much faster than you’re saliva would.

    it’s the things that don’t melt that you should worry about.

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