HP vs FUJITSU what is the better brand for laptop?

Hi guyz! i just want to compare brands for laptop. which is better hp or fujitsu? and why?

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  1. HP, hands down! Fujitsu is a fairly good company in making laptops but they aren’t that good in it. HP is, as mentioned above by someone, has a better reputation. They are also better in doing it than Fujitsu. HP is a fairly good brand, too, but not the most recommended laptop brand.

    HP’s Personal Systems Group claims to be “one of the leading vendors of personal computers (“PCs”) in the world based on unit volume shipped and annual revenue.”

    Personal Systems Group products/technology include:

    * Business PCs and accessories

    * Consumer PCs and accessories including the HP Pavilion, Compaq Presario and VoodooPC series

    * Workstations for Unix, Windows and Linux systems

    * Handheld Computing including iPAQ Pocket PC handheld computing devices (from Compaq)

    * Digital “Connected” Entertainment including HP MediaSmart TVs, HP MediaSmart Servers, HP MediaVaults, and DVD+RW drives. HP resold the Apple iPod until November 2005.

    * Home Storage Servers

    Comparing these brands isn’t that hard since HP generally makes better laptops than Fujitsu. I really wouldn’t recommend any of these brands. I recommend Sony, Asus or Alienware.

    HP also knows how to build the right computer for a specified category. Fujitsu just makes poorly built laptops. They also don’t have recent laptop models for you to buy today.

    Just in case you are wondering which company makes better laptops among the three (Asus, Sony and Alienware), Asus is the best in multimedia, portability, etc. except for gaming (currently). When Asus releases their G71Gx laptop, then they will become the best in gaming laptops, too. Currently, Alienware is the best in gaming laptops. Sony is also the best for multimedia and gaming but they are better in netbook building (but their laptops are pricey, though)

  2. HP used to be a very reputable name. But I think that’s changed in recent past. I’ve owned two HP laptops in the last 4 years and both have had serious issues, the most recent one, a video chip overheating problem, making the computer useless. Unfixable according to the repair shop.

    They pack a lot of performance and features in there for the price. But they have reliability problems, poor support and customer service.

    I’ve not had any experience with FUJITSU. But I’d steer clear of HP.

  3. HP has a better reputation with it’s software and hardware components. They are a better built laptop. I would suggest getting a premium HP laptop as it will last longer, has better performance, quick Intel chip and has an over all better review. It’s battery life is up on the charts as well. Good luck.

  4. If you have to select only from these two, I would go for HP. Among others, Dell and Mac are also good. I would say they are at least better than Fujitsu.

  5. I very own 3 Dell laptop desktops and a million Dell very own laptop. All run the abode windows XP specialist OS nevertheless I did purchase the Dell Vista improve CDs on the time yet have yet to place in them. FYI my first laptop laptop replaced right into a Gateway Pentium IV which i do now not propose bec the biggest income in my view that DELL and HP have that the others are lacking is the huge availability of replace factors whilst time includes upgrading reminiscence, annoying rigidity or changing the battery which lowers your universal expenditures. additionally the Dell web site is sweet for acquiring drivers, manuals, etc. in regards to the final DEAL for a DELL laptop laptop, rather you will desire to evaluate or a minimum of evaluate the charges at DELL OUTLET bec those are structures ordered form new and lower back that Dell certifies and likewise ingredients guarantee… FYI besides WalMart, Staples and ultimate purchase additionally promote DELL and convinced, i actually propose DELL and next determination could be HP different training found out: (a million) in view of lecture halls and carrying a laptop laptop around all-day, 14″ or 15″ length works ultimate; (2) reminiscence at a minimum you pick is 512MB and 1GB is extra beneficial and 2GB even nicer. I paid over $one thousand for my 1st Gateway Pentium IV laptop and for the longest tiime replaced into unhappy bec I under no circumstances found out 256MB replaced into reason so sluggish on cyber web. fortuitously i got here upon the nicely suited 256MB to improve. (3) length of BATTERY could be key esp whilst taking to lecture training etc or in bookstall/library. (4) instant WiFi inner Card is absolute would desire to (5) Get the biggest annoying disk you are able to discover the money for and don’t settle for something smaller than 60GB. (6) CPU if paying for new Intel Duo center would desire to be quickly sufficient yet whilst paying for used, then i could propose Penitum M Centrino as your minimum and under no circumstances waste you money on Pentium III no remember how inexpensive bec you would be upset paying for something valueless that would desire to furnish you problem attempting to sell off. ultimately if paying for community, continuously try your laptop laptop and provide it a superb try rigidity previously delivering the money. that is advisable to open the administration PANEL and examine the hardware contraptions to determine no remember if there are Yellow Exclamation Marks or maybe pay extra beneficial or pick distinctive supplier strictly bec they provide 30 to ninety day guarantee restoration wish the Above records enables and greater of success!

  6. ACER Ftw!

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Fujitsu VS HP

about 14 years, 10 months ago


I’m currently leading a project standardising all our desktop machines, ive received some quotes for our custom machines and wondered if anyone had some unbiased feedback on the value of getting the cheaper Fujitsu machines vs the more expensive HP machines.

I’m talking about compatibility issues(making sure we don’t need to update our build image every time we order a computer) and reliability of the machines (I don’t want the savings to come back and bite me with a waste of man hours solving issues).

Or any other information anyone has on this would greatly aid my decision.

Cheers in advance.

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