how to turn a guy on, in school?

during lessons and stuff, and between classes… how would i turn a guy on, be sexy or whatever?

what turns a guy on? where is the line? what can i do within the limits and without being a s|ut?

thanks .x

16 Answers

  1. one of my tricks : Lollipops.. they are by one of the sexiest things you can use to get a guy horny without him knowing what your doing.

    Practice in a mirror playing with the lollipop the sucking/licking without looking retarted and bonus points if you manage to do it while looking him straight in the eyes.. he will literally beg you to go out with him haha.

    oh and hes talking to you then look down at his zipper area then look up through your eyelashes and then smile REALLY slowlyyy.. like you and him know a joke that no0ne else does. do it right and he’ll be speechless.

  2. If you have to wear a skirt to school wear it short and when you’re in class make sure he has a clear view of your legs. But you might want to wear short shorts to prevent him from seeing too much lol 🙂 Cross your legs and angle them towards him slightly.

    Put a pen in your mouth, but don’t actually start sucking it because that’s way too obvious, just put a pen or a pencil in your mouth and stare at the board or focus on anything besides from him or the pen and leave the rest to the imagination.

    The pretending to drop a pencil thing is good but again short shorts are a good idea.

    Whisper to your friend and briefly make eye contact with him.

    Talk, laugh and flirt with other boys. It won’t turn him on but it will make him jealous and therefore he’ll start thinking about you more.

    ‘Accidentially’ brush past him.

    Find an excuse to touch your legs, not in a gross way, but just pull your socks up or something and then it’ll draw his attention to them.

    I can’t think of any other ways to turn a guy on in school without getting expelled lol so hoped that helped and good luck!! Xxxxx

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  4. I read a psychology book, and they say

    – cross your legs, and swinging your foot

    – if you’re wearing flats, play with your flats on your toes (like if you’re about to take it off, but not).

    – play with your hair, tossing it and twirling it around your finger.

    – (this is what I use to do, not from the book) play with a pen in your mouth. LOL some people might come across that as disgusting, but it became a habit of mine until my boyfriend mentioned something because of the way I gripped the pen haha.

    – be confident.


    a short skirt, or any other dress that is sexy and touching below the belt is also usually a plus

  6. Stare at him and make it look like your imaging your undressing him

  7. What I do is: first I sit next to him. Then I lean over him so my boobs brush against his shoulder. I then use any excuse whatsoever to initiate touching. I also compliment the hell out of him.That should get you started

  8. if you sit next to him you could like touch his inner-thigh area haha;)

  9. call him babe rub his leg and make sure that he isnt gay

  10. bend down to pick up a pencil you “accidently” drop(:

Relevant information

Ever want to tease your partner while he’s otherwise occupied? We’ve all had the urge! Not only can this be incredibly fun, but it can result in some great time spent together once you actually have some alone time. Turning on your partner, or your potential partner, without being obvious is an art form. If you’re too obvious, it can cause some unwanted attention from authority figures or people that you’re not trying to catch the interest of.

But, doing it the right way means that you’re in for a treat when you and your partner are finally able to be together. Turning on your man while he’s in class can be a great way to distract him, have him thinking about you all day, and connect with him on a fun and intimate level. If you’re lacking in ideas, try out these tried and true ways to turn your partner on while he’s in school.

1. Show a little skin

The important thing here is to leave enough to the imagination that he can’t help but think about you all day. Whether you’re meeting him before class, or just sending him a picture with a little more than usual showing, you’re going to want to make sure that all of the important parts are covered!

But, make sure that he can see enough skin that he’ll be driven to distraction thinking about you for the rest of the day. Wearing a low-cut shirt, or make sure that your shoulders are showing. You can even send him a full body picture in a nice dress or shorts – whatever you do, make sure that it’s something he won’t be afraid to open in public.

2. Show some confidence

Nothing really turns a guy on faster than a woman who has a lot of confidence. If you’re texting your partner during class, don’t be afraid to tell him exactly what you want the minute that you’re together again. Or, if you’re sending him a picture, make sure to highlight your best features.

Don’t just send him a picture with a little bit of skin showing – make sure that you’re looking your absolute best. Wear your favorite shade of lipstick, or have your hair done just the way you like it. Showing him that you’re confidence will be enough to get him thinking about you all of it’s own, not to mention being a huge turn on.

3. Flirt with him

Via text or one-on-one, flirting is the best way to get a guy thinking about things he shouldn’t be during class. If you have class together, pass him notes when the teacher isn’t looking with risque or flirtatious things written in them. But make sure not to get caught!

If he’s in class and you’re waiting for him, go ahead and send him a flirtatious text or two. You want to start slow – don’t start by getting down and dirty right away. Even guys like a little build up, and you’ll be surprised by how much he’ll be thinking about you if you tease him for a while before going in for the kill.

4. Use your words

You want to make sure that the words you’re using communicate exactly what you want. Don’t let the conversation drop off! This means answering with more than just an emoji. Use your words to explore different ways to turn him on. Words are more powerful than a lot of people give them credit for.

With just a few choices phrases, you’ll be able to make him stop thinking about his course work and start thinking about you. Don’t be afraid to take charge, either. The best thing you can do is to tell him exactly what you want – guys are so used to making all the decisions when it comes to this stuff, so turn the script and take charge.

If you don’t get to see your partner as much as you’d like because he’s in classes all day, these are some great ways to make sure that he’s thinking about you even when you’re not together. He may pretend to be shocked that you’re trying to turn him on while he’s in public, but guys love a little surprise and change to the usual as much as girls do.

When you show him that you can’t stop thinking about him, even while he’s in class, that will make him feel appreciated, attractive and loved. A guy who feels good about himself is going to do his best to make you feel good, too! Make sure that all of your flirting doesn’t accidentally embarrass him, though! You want to do enough to tease him and get his blood pumping, no making it impossible for him to stand up without a book in front of him!

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