How to take the oregon boater exam test without the 3 hours of studying?

Online, you can take your boating license, and you pay for it when you pass. It used to be you could just skip directly to the test, but now they have made it so that you must sit through 3 hours of videos about boating. this normally would be fine, except for the fact that every 30 seconds, you have to click “next section”. What I want to know is, how do cheat the system, and just take the test without sitting through all of that stuff? Links are best, tips are good too. thank you!

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  1. the oregon boater exam

  2. Oregon Boaters Card

  3. Oregon Boaters License


    Study with a friend or friends. You can quiz one another, etc. If your study partner is a classmate, you can divide the material and each share your work with the others.This only works if everyone involved in motivated. One way to motivate everyone is a great snack halfway through the study session. If you must study alone, skim for important points and take notes. Some people find index cards the best way to do this, but a notebook/filler paper will do if you prefer. Writing will help you remember. Do not work for too long at a time. Take short breaks when you start getting foggy or overwhelmed. Just be sure to get back to work! If you don;t have buddies to study with, start working on finding some. Often it’s more effective to choose the smart people with good study habits rather than the cool/cute/fun people who may be distracting. Also, planning your study time ahead is a good plan. Spending the time to make study notes in advance as you go along in the course will save you from having too much reading before the test. Good luck!

  5. It is important that you do the readings, unless your professor provides detailed summaries of the readings. But from my experience, most professors tend to provide general summaries, and like to pose further questions, examine arguments, clarify concepts, provide context to the course material, and etc. You are normally expected to do the readings. The best thing to do, at this point, would be to get involved in a study group. Assign readings for each member to summarize in a few pages.

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