How to remove deep scratches on Beats Studios?

I got red ones. They are “scratch-proof”. the scratches are a little deep or chipped. i dropped them on concrete. it doesn’t stand out but having to know it has scratches bothers me. Will plastic scratch remover or car scratch remover work?

10 points for answer that works

2 Answers

  1. For deep scratches, you probably will want to fill them.

    Personally, I wouldn’t worry, everything wears eventually.

    All scratch removers have some abrasive in it.

    If the headphones are painted, and not plastic, you could wind up taking some of the paint off. That could be bad.

    If there is clear plastic over color, some of it could come off or maybe get cloudy form the process.

    I think some kind of a clear scratch filler is your best bet if you want to bother with it.

    OR, sell them and buy another pair.

  2. What determines repairability is the intensity of the scratches. If the scratches are superficial, there is not any scarcity of economic products which could hide them or polish your disc or regardless of. If the scratches are deep – meaning close to to or on the aluminum – you’re screwed. because of the fact the advice is all contained in one wickedly tight spiral, if the spiral is broken, the reader would possibly no longer have the skill to compensate and your disc is ineffective.

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