How to mix paint and what paint to use for a spray gun?

Hi all, I’ve just bought a compressor with tools and my motorcycle is ready to be sprayed. I have bought 0.5ltr of the colour i wanted but apparently i need to thin it down and use a laquer. Basically if anyone can tell me what i need to do i’d be very grateful. Thanks

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  1. It depends what paint you have. If it’s cellulose, thin it down with cellulose thinners so it is around the consistency of single cream. You should have rubbed down the area to be sprayed with something like 400 grit wet and dry, and degreased with panel wipe. Spray with a primer, of the same base as your topcoat ie, a cellulose primer to go with a cellulose topcoat, or an acrylic primer if using acrylic topcoat. When completely dry flatten off the primer with 800 grit wet and dry if it’s not perfect. Then spray your topcoat, several light coats are better than one heavy one. When that’s dry, you can lacquer it if you want, again using a cellulose or acrylic lacquer as appropriate.

    Spraying is trickier than it looks, and different people have different techniques, so practice first.

    Any more questions, just add another line.

    It’s most likely you have a 1 pack cellulose paint, that is to say one without a catalyst to make it go extra hard. 2nd most likely is the acrylic option, that’s why I’ve only mentioned those two.

    Autobodyonline is a US site, it won’t be relevant to you.

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  3. If its cellulose then 50/50 with cellulose thinner final coat 40paint 60 thinner ,4 coats for a good build so you can polish it after.2k is a little more complicated if its 2k basecoat then you need to thin with 2k thinners the ratio depends on the product brand and if it is a fast medium or slow thinner,normally 2:1 or 1:1. Then your lacquer this requires three components 1the lacquer 2the hardener and the thinners this is normally 2:1:10% depending again on the brand if its a direct gloss colour then it would be 2:1:10% as above.a word of warning to your health though if it is 2k it is very toxic and can be absorbed through the skin,eyes and lungs and proper breathing equipment should be worn when spraying,as well as the spraying taking place in a suitable enviroment,ie a spray booth .if it is cellulose you should be ok with a normal mask just make sure its up to the job of protecting your lungs by asking a bodyshop supplier.PS when you buy paint you can ask for a technical data sheet which will provide you with the correct information for the product you are intending to use.Good luck !!

  4. Cellulose Paint Thinners

  5. theres lots of paint types…

    cellulose paint[mixed 50/50 with celly thinners]air dry

    1k=50/50 mix [air dry]

    2k=2 paint/1 hardner+10% thinners

    ..base coat[dull/matt requires top coat,eg,laqure]

    solid colour glossy[no laqure]

    theres also water based paints and poyester paints..ive never used them so cant comment…email me if u like to know anything else..

    enjoy painting..i link below.

  6. If you’re using Laquer paint, it will have to be mixed with Laquer thinner. If Enamel, then Enamel reducer. The directions on the container are quite helpful. Like my teacher always said “If all else fails, read the label.”

    This site also has some useful information, especially the troubleshooting guide.

    Here’s some links to another article you might find helpful.

  7. has a lot of info on the trade or call a local auto paint supply store for info…local body shops can tell you who their suppliers are.

  8. It might be best to carefully read the instructions on the can,There are so many different types of paints that even the most helpful of people really can’t give an accurate answer,practice makes perfect.good luck with your new project.

  9. contact your local vehicle paint store,you will also need primer as well

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