How to make my 7 months old airedale’s ear to fold down?

Hi all, I have a 7 months old airedale terrier but she has an ear standing and not folded as the airedales usually do. Is there any way that I can make her ear fold down like to other one so her face can look symmetrical? I know this is not a big deal, I still love Kamila but I know she will look even cuter with her two ears folded. Thanks!

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  1. I breed & show Collies. Their ears have to tip to be shown. We glue them as puppies & keep them glued for the first year & a half.

    No, it is NOT mean & no it does NOT hurt the dog.

    At this point – it may be too late for your dog – DEPENDING on how long the ear has been standing up.

    But you can still give it a try. You can buy Tear Mender on line at:…

    It’s completely harmless.

    Just put a little drop on the tip of the dog’s ear & glue the tip down in front of the ear.

    Keep it glued til she is at least a year old.

    Even if they don’t show their dogs – most people with Collies like their ears to tip cuz it just looks better. Same with Airedales.

    The glue will wear off in time & you will have to re-glue on occasion. If the ears do wind up staying tipped – you can remove the residual glue with Goo-Gone on a cotton ball.

    Good luck to you!

    PS – isn’t it INTERESTING how NO ONE thinks a THING about cropping a Dobermans ears & tail – but it’s CRUEL to glue your dog’s ears! Something NON surgical – that doesn’t hurt the dog in any way.

  2. Tail cropping is usually done at 3-5 days old and I would compare it to circumcision on a newborn baby. The bone isn’t fully developed and the puppies do very well after it is done. Im sure some people still think it is cruel. Ear cropping is done at an older age 10-12 weeks maybe even older and is much more involved. It is very painful for the dogs and requires extensive care after the surgery. In my opinion this is very unnecessary and purely cosmetic. Most of the dogs that required ear cropping for show purposes can now go natural and they look so much better!


    cropping and docking is completely unneccesary. It is of no benefit to the dog, its just some stupid thing people came up with years ago, it became habit, then tradition. Now many ‘showies’ claim that the dog is better when missing parts of its anatomy. Of course, a dog is born perfect. If a breeder or owner thinks a human needs to alter the dog to make it better then they are very arrogant. That is of course unless the dog has a medical problem which needs fixing. You are well within your rights to ask them not to cut the dogs ears. If they do not comply, then go to a different breeder. I know you have had reccomendations for this one, but dont put money into this mindless trade. I think dogs look so much better with all of their body parts!! good luck and i hope your unborn puppy gets to keep all of the ears he is currently growing!!! PS i cant believe peoples responses such as a certain breed needs its ears cleaned so instead cut the ears, seriously, if you arent willing to give the dog the care it needs, you shouldnt own a dog!! one more thing, (looking forward to the thumbs down from the showies here :P). It has been proven that humans dont need toes, they are just evolutionary leftovers from tree climbing days. People with no toes can and have walked, ran, jumped, skipped etc perfectly fine. Why, then, dont we just cut everyones toes off at birth? Toes are ugly so surely people would look better. Then you wouldnt have to be so dedicated as to cut your toenails, and you would never get tinea between the toes! Surely all of these people who agree with cropping and docking would like to cut their childrens toes off too, makes as much sense!!

  4. It’s not uncommon for the ears of many terrier brreds to stand up as they teeth. The other one will probably start standing up as well. It’s hard to explain how to do it. I agree with an earlier post – get an airedale person to show you how to do it. The breeder will probably be willing to do it for you.

  5. Well I have a Airedale and their ears as puppies will stick up until it gets to be a year old.

  6. Apparently there is a place in Oregon that for $300 will make the pointy airedale ears permanently fold over nicely in 1/2 hour a freezing then a small slit in the cartledge but not sure where id like to know also as my airedale ears point to the sky and look like elf

  7. I agree with the glueing, it’s the only way to get them to stay down nicely. You just skin-glue the tip of the ear to the skin on the side of the skull where you want the point to lay. Just the tip though, don’t glue his whole ear shut. 🙂

  8. You’ll need to glue them. If you’re going to show them or want them “perfect”, I’d suggest you find a local Airedale person to help you set them correctly or they might be slightly “off.”…

  9. I think it’s probably too late, the cartilige is set.

    But your best bet is to contact your breeder, if there is anything that can be done they should be able to tell you.

    EDIT: This site…

    shows how to set the ears, but says that the best age to do it is 3-4 months, so it is probably too late to do it with your pup.

  10. dogs have all differnt genes so this means not all of the dog breed has folded ears and there is nothing you can do because this is how your dog is

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