How to get out of P.E. permanently :) Please?

okaaay i HATE P.E. with an absolute passion

my P.E. teachers are lesbian they hate me and the feeling is mutual 🙂

*i can’t keep writing notes from my mum because they get suspicious

*i can’t not bring my P.E. kit because they will give me some used, unwashed one owned by school

* i can’t skive P.E. lessons because teachers get suspicious ( i can’t hide in school toilets are all locked during lesson time :'( )

*i can’t do anything with my legs/ ankle because im doing GCSE’s and i need to go up the stairs to do important subjects that matter and that aren’t pure bullshiit ( like P.E.:) )

* i need something long term because i have 2 years of P.E. left :'(

can i ask a doctor to write me a note ( i don’t have any condition which will not allow me to do P.E.) ?

if i ask a doctor if he will write me a P.E. note will he? ( i do get dizzy and disorinatated ALOT )

don’t judge me because im not lazy, im not fat, im underweight actually its just that P.E. is pure TORTURE!

and in my opinion its a waste of 2 hours a week which could be send usefully learning not doing complete crap.

Thank you for all answers in advance 🙂 xxx

well what they did to me was they actually screamed at me threated to call my parents and i was made to talk to my head of year only because i could run any longer while running 800m

and just to punish me made me run 1600 during my time and at the lesson

10 Answers

  1. That sucks…fortunately I was blessed with a great PE teacher (she is also lesbian…it will be ok) and a great PE class…but let’s see if I can help somewhat.

    Ok, so you probably can’t get out of PE for good since it is a required class for everyone (They treat it like it’s a core class). You may be able to get out with a doctor’s note, but I”m not sure if dizziness is going to cut it because they’ll probably end up finding a reason for it and giving you all kinds of stuff to help it.

    Are you forging notes? If you get caught you’ll get in serious trouble…Have you ever told you mom about this. She might be able to help. Sometimes if parents complain about a class or a teacher, it can usually get fixed.

    PE really isn’t crap. You’d be surprised how important it is if they took it away automatically. Of course I don’t have a torturous teacher but there are some that I don’t particularly care too much for.

    I mean, last year I asked a question somewhat like this regarding to the points that I really hated my teacher (this was before my classes were switched). And I got an answer that really opened my eyes. I wish I knew what made this class so terrible…what have they done to you? Because it probably isn’t as bad as you think it is. If you don’t mind, I would like to know, just because I’m curious 😀

    EDIT: I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just saying, but I did more running than that in elementary school. And I’m going to copy and paste what that answerer told me last year. I DID NOT WRITE ANY OF THIS…IT WAS ALL WRITTEN BY “pinky.” I’M JUST PASSING IT ALONG. I was in a similar situation and here’s what she told me. She was telling me how worse it could have been and made me realize how bad it really wasn’t.


    ok. so does she…

    -give you a time out?

    -slap your bootie in front of the class for doing a pull up wrong?

    -forse you to do push ups if you don’t sweat enough?

    -spit in your face?

    -make you run miles everyday?

    -yell at you for not changing quick enough?

    -WATCH YOU CHANGE?? ugh how gay……..

    -give you detention for coming late?


  2. Have you even tried talking your Doctor? The doctor’s primary purpose is to look out for your health. Any pain the body experiences, is never a good thing. Its indicator to you, that something is wrong. So tell your doctor. I’m sure he/she will understand and fill out that note for you… Especially if you tell the doctor you are staying active and fit by doing other activities, (whether or not that’s true is up to you), such as other types of cardio or less intense sports. And if for some reason the doctor disagrees with you and says no, you can always threaten to find a new physician. Either way, you’re gonna get what you want.

  3. Are you kidding? Suck it up. It sounds like you need a little hard work. At my school we had to take two years of P.E., and it was everyday not just for two hours a week. Mondays and Wednesday were running days, where we went to the running track and ran all hour. Tuesdays and Thursdays where weight room days, we have to run a round the track once and then go to the weight room. And fridays where your choice days. Either running, weight room or you could go to the foot ball field and run the stairs. So yeah, if I could handle that without whining, I think you can handle yours.

    And btw you can learn a lot of stuff in P.E. I used to be overweight and doing gym 5 days a week for the past two years really pays off. The point of p.e is to show you how to keep yourself in shape. Its not complete crap.Push yourself, try not to give up. If you get through a whole gym class period without giving up you’ll feel great.

  4. Today I didn’t want to do basketball so my PE is 5th period and 4th period ends at 12:58 so at 12:54 I asked to go to the nurse and said my stomach hurt and I ended up staying at the nurse half of PE then I got a note out of PE and didn’t have to do it

  5. I don’t think there is a way out of PE permanently unless your entire body is paralyzed. You NEED PE to graduate and you cannot skip out on it, no matter what. I had a friend who broke her arm midyear and they still made her do PE, just not with her arm.

    It doesn’t matter what excuse you give them even if it’s a doctor’s note. They’ll still find something for you to do whether it be easier exercises and a lot of paperwork.

    Just do your two years and get it over with.

    EDIT: Unless you bribe or trick your doctor, they can’t write you a fake note.

  6. My school only have you take it frehsman year..Im sorry for you. Just deal with it and P.E. is the only clas you can skip..So you should enjoy it and find a group of friends and just skip

  7. p.e is horrible but the only way is to get an injury. This isn’t going to get you out of two years but for a couple of months maybe, i know this guy who sprained his shoulder or something like that like half way through the school year and was out for the rest of the year so….sprain your shoulder.

  8. Only way is to get a Doctor note. And you are not going to get a Doctor to “fake” one.

    Getting dizzy isn’t going to cut it.

    Two hours a week! My kids had gym every other day for 90minute periods. and if you missed more than two gym class, you needed a note from a doctor

  9. just have ur doctor write a note. and play it up a little bit bout ur dizzyness that way ur teachers wont have an excuse cus u cant argue with a doctor! good luck!

  10. Do you hate P.E. because your teachers are lesbian? Or did you completely make that up based on rumours? Because, in my opinion, everyone thinks the girl teachers are gay. That’s the way the idiotic rumour mill works.

    Suck it up, woman. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Deal with the class, like everyone else on the freaking planet.

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