How to do a IMEI scrub?

Hi im looking ti change the IMEI of my phone, have searched online and found no details on how to do it or what programs if any are needed, I would appreciate any help or information where i can do this, Its for a Iphone 3gs, Its all above board, but I heard the changing of the IMEI is frowned upon.

Thanks 🙂

3 Answers

  1. Frowned upon is an understatement. Depending on the country you live in, it can be downright illegal. My suggestion is you not do it. Changing the IMEI can result in guys with business suits and handguns coming to visit. If you must change it you will need to contact Apple to do so.

  2. Changing or “flashing” an IMEI is a simple task if you work in R and D for the company who makes the device.

    They all have their own software tools and dongles for this procedure and if you’re in the industry it’s a daily “chore” as you normally have to erase the nand when upgrading the latest software and this loses a lot of the NVM (Non Volatile Memory)

    Anyhow, if it’s all “above board” why do you want to do this?

  3. It’s illegal to change it and on most phones would require actually opening the phone up and changing the chipset.

Relevant information

ESN is the abbreviation of Electronic Serial Number and it is a relatively old technology that was one used with the iPhone (iPhone 7 Plus included). It is a serial number that is used to activate the phone over the carrier that is under discussion. On the other hand, it is the ESN that allows the users to use different services onto the network. IMEI is the abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity. It has no relation with the subscriber and is used to just identify the devices. The platform in this regard does not matter.

From Symbian to Android and from iOS to Satellite phones each and everyone has a unique IMEI that is used to identify the device with ease. In relation to this, the IMEI is also used by law enforcement agencies to track down suspicious activities over the carrier. In this article, you will be shown how to check and clean ESN and IMEI on iPhone.

Part 1: What Is ESN and How to Clean a Bad ESN

What Does a Bad ESN Mean?

A bad ESN means that the user is not able to activate the phone over the carrier. The process that is then to be followed in this regard varies from carrier to carrier. It is for the same reason that the user needs to ensure that the complete guide is searched online with respect to the carrier in question. On the other hand, it is also advised to all the users to go through the ESN terminology so that the phones can be checked without any issue. However still if a user purchases a phone with bad ESN then it is advised to ask for a refund from the seller as the phone will not be activated till it is not fixed. The next part of the tutorial is actually a guide that will allow the users to ensure that the overall issue with respect to the bad ESN is resolved completely. The guide has been compiled generally and as mentioned before the bad ESN issue resolution varies from carrier to carrier.

How to Clean a Bad ESN?

The process that is to be followed in relation to the bad ESN has been mentioned as under. Each and every step that has been mentioned is embedded with a screenshot and therefore the user needs not worry about the implementation as it has been made too easy to follow.

Step 1. You can click here to check the ESN of the mobile phone that is in question.

Step 2. The user then needs to check the ESN by putting the number within the main menu and clicking check ESN.

Step 3. If the ESN is not good or the device is not ready for activation then the user gets the below error. On the other hand, if the ESN is good then the screen will appear like the following in green. Both of the screenshots are given side by side.

Step 4. The ESN is then to be entered and the delivery mode is then to be selected to proceed in this regard. It also completes the process in full. The phone will be delivered to the user within the time mentioned. As for the old phone, the user can ask for a refund.

Part 2: How to Check and Clean IMEI on iPhone?

1. For the tips of checking IMEI on iPhone, it is advised to type in *#06# once the keypad has been opened. Alternatively, the user can also check the IMEI from the settings. The path that is to be followed is settings > General > about > IMEI.

2. To verify the IMEI the user needs to visit the verify page to check the IMEI of the phone. Again it is to be noted that the IMEI cleanup changes from carrier to carrier and therefore we can not provide a general process that could be followed.

3. The select page that is then to be visited and the user needs to select the model and the network on which the phone is to be unlocked.

4. The iPhone IMEI is then to be entered and the user needs to ensure that the unlock now is pressed again. After filling in the billing info the user will be charged $28 and the phone will be activated within 24-48 hours flat. This also completes the process in full.

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Step 2. Analyzing and Scanning Your iOS

In this page, choose the option labeled “Erase Private Data”. In the window that will open, you will see the files that you can erase. Click “Start” and the application will start analyzing and scanning your device.

Step 3. Delete Data of Your Device

After the application is through with the scanning, all of your iPhone’s data will be shown in the interface. Check the files that you would like to erase and then click on “Erase Now” to get rid of them. Type “000000” in the pop up window to confirm the action and then wait for the application to finish.

The time it takes to finish erasing all data depends on the number of contents and settings on your iOS device. After the process is done, the program will inform you noting “Erase Successfully”.


In this post, I hope you have a good knowledge of ESN and IMEI. More importantly, you have been aware of how to check and clean them with correct practice. At the same time, we introduce to you an easy-to-use and safe software, named dr.fone – Data Eraser (iOS), to assist you to delete useless or private data. Thanks for your attention!

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