How should we wake up Mom and Dad on Christmas morning?

Since I was a kid, my brothers and sisters have always come up with odd and creative ways to wake up our parents on Christmas morning. One year we turned up the volume on the CD player all the way and played trumpet music until they got up. One year we gathered all of the alarm clocks in the house and set them to go off at the same time outside their door. One year we changed the words to Christmas songs and sang them . . . “We wish you’d get out of bed now,” instead of “We wish you a merry Christmas,” etc. But I’m out of ideas! What should we do this year? We have to stay outside of the bedroom–none of us have any desire to see nekkid parents.

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  1. Get strings of bells and prance around the hallway outside their bedroom, pretending to be Santa‘s reindeer. That would wake me up. 🙂

    You could also dress up (if you’re so inclined), with one of your siblings as Santa and the rest as his trusty steed(s). This would make for quite the surprise when your parents open the door to their bedroom!

  2. That sounds awesome!!

    haha here’s my ideas:

    Make smoke alarm go off or run around shouting “FIRE FIRE FIRE!”

    Set up a christmas movie outside the door and watch in on fullllll volume. Maybe even sing along.

    Put all the phones in the house next to their bed and then call on someone’s cell phone. Then when they pick up, Belt christmas songs

    Have fun and Merry Christmas!

  3. 1.Make the fire alarms go off. Then tell them that you WERE cooking them a nice breakfast instead of waking them up, but it burnt and you threw the nice pan and gourmet food in the lake/pond/river outside.

    2.Pound on the door until your hearts’ content.

    3. Buy vampire blood (fake blood), black and blue face paint and a hair extension (the color of your hair). After you get ready if there are two kids in your family (you and sib)

    1. make your sibling look like he/she has a bloody nose and a black eye

    Or if there are 3 kids (u and two others) make one have the bloody nose and the other the black eye.

    Scream and yell in the hallway. Pretend you guys got in a fight. With the hair extension that is the hair your sib pulled out and yeah!

    4. Create a hilarious rap like, “Get out of bed (hit the drum twice) Get out of bed (hit drum twice) Get out of bed or will blast your head!

    Thats all i have

  4. Go in there room jump on the bed one of you guys could be dressed like santa and the rest like elves. Start singing Santa Claus is coming to town.

  5. cook them a rlly nice breakfast and make the smell very strong so tht they will be woken up by the smell of coffee and a hot breakfast. Merry Christmas!

  6. make them breakfast or coffee.

  7. Ho Ho Ho! Let me jump on them! That will get them up…either that or they will never get up…meaning…..

  8. Shout, “FIRE” – Im sure that will do the trick?

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