how much is three inches above the knee?

i want to know because i have this skirt and i dont know if its three inches above the knee and i cant wear if its any higher above the knee

17 Answers

  1. Umm about as long as your index finger…. maybe

  2. 3 inches above the knee is the point where there are three inches above the TOP of the knee cap… sometimes i get confused where to measure but i recently did a fashion show for a designer and i had to wear a skirt which was also 3 inches above my knee

  3. *scratches head*

    3 inches above the knee is uhh….exactly 3 inches above it.

    Use a tape measure lol, see how far up your thigh it is and see if the skirts higher or lower than that lol.

  4. Put on the skirt, get out a ruler or tape measure and measure its distance from the center of your knee-cap.

  5. Put on the skirt and get a ruler and measure 3″

  6. “good job, you past 1st grade ”

    to the user ownager who posted the above quote:

    ah. the irony.

    past should be spelled “passed”

    good job. YOU passed the 1st grade.

    anyway. on with the question.

    the length of the skirt can be different for everyone.

    you have to try it on and measure from the knee.

    usually you can tell if it’s appropriate or not.

  7. a good way to figure it without a ruler is to put your arms down at your sides. you should be able to touch the bottom of the skirt with your fingertips.

    if this is for a school dress code, that’s how they’ll check it. they won’t bring out a ruler, they’ll ask you to put your arms at your sides.

    good luck!

  8. you may desire to positioned on tights or leggings. Leggings are warmer, and are available in a super style of distinctive kinds and colorings (with lace, with out lace, to the knee, on your ankles, and so on.). in case you elect some thing thinner, attempt tights, which additionally can are available in a style of colorings. while you’re hectic approximately your legs feeling bare, i might attempt leggings.

  9. Put it on and let you father mesure it from the hem to the knee

  10. take a freakin ruler and measure three freakin inches above your freakin knee.

    good job, you past 1st grade

  11. Take a ruler and measure.

Relevant information

How many inches above the knee can a skirt be?

Is the knee too short to function? If you are tall, petite, or of medium height, make sure the dress or skirt is no less than two inches above the knee. Work clothes should be even longer. Wear your favorite business dress that you may think too short.

How many inches above the knee should a dress be?

If you are tall, short, or average height, make sure your dress or skirt is not shorter than two inches above your knee. Business professional attire should be even longer. I would make sure those dresses and skirts are not shorter than one inch above your knee.

How long should my skirt be for my height?

Women with a taller stature should opt for long, flowing dresses – at least knee length but preferably longer. However, even a midi skirt will look good given a taller lady’s long legs.

What is a skirt just above the knee called?

This skirt length is at or just above the knee. Midi Skirt length. The skirt length falls between the knee and mid-calf. Tea length. This skirt length fall on the mid calf, about 6 to 7 inches from the floor.

What is knee length skirt?

Knee-length refers to skirts ranging from just above to just below the knee.

What length skirt Should a short person wear?

The best length for petite women is slightly above the knee or at the knee. Because of the A line shape, if you are wearing a very short skirt and want to avoid showing your undies, make sure it is a skort.

What are knee length dresses called?

midi dresses
Meet in the Middle: Mid dresses, also known as knee-length dresses or midi dresses, tend to stop anywhere from just above the the knee to mid-calf. When it comes to midi dress styles, think cocktail-length dresses in an a-line or fitted cut.

What is the most flattering length for a dress?

The most flattering proportions for dressing is 1/3 to 2/3. This is what is referred to as the golden ratio. A simple example is a top that is 1/3 the length of your outfit and the bottom is 2/3 of the length of the outfit. Or vice-versa.

Are skirts too short?

When asking yourself, Is my mini skirt too short?, the rule of thumb is that when standing with your hands to your side, the length of your fingers should not exceed the hem of the skirt. If they do, it’s a tad too mini. We promise to make no jokes about age, or weight, or who should or should not wear a mini.

How long should my dress be for my height?

Truthfully, the desired length depends on your height. For example, if you’re 5′ 5″, you might want a maxi dress that is around 55 inches long. But if you’re 5′ 10″, you should choose a maxi dress that is at least 62 inches long.

What should the length of a skirt be?

The answers: 31% of readers said the skirt length shown at C is fine — just above the knee. 6% of readers thought the skirt length shown at F was fine (fingertip length!)

How tall should my skirt be above my ankle?

This length can make you look taller and thinner if the hemline comes about two inches above your ankle. This is a skirt length that falls just above the floor but reveals the ankle beneath. The hem can be right on the ankle bone, or just a few inches above, giving a glimpse of the ankle bone.

How do you measure the length of a midi skirt?

When measuring for a midi skirt, extend a tape measure from your waistline, or where you expect the skirt to begin, to the hemline, at or below the knee. Most skirts on the Lands’ End website include the skirt length in inches in the product description.

What kind of skirt is a tea length?

Tea length skirts are a type of midi skirt with a hemline that stops a few inches above the ankles. Tea length skirts come in both casual and formal styles. Tea length skirts can be dressed up to become a great alternative to formal evening gowns, or they could be dressed down with boots or sneakers for a stylish weekend look.


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