how much is a 1995 santa claus dollar bill worth?

it looks to be in uncirculated condition. would it be worth holding onto?

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  1. The Santa image is actually over george Washington’s, hold the note to the light and you can see him underneath. It is a novelty note and they usually sell in the $9.95 range. Paper money collectors consider the dollar damage so it will never go up in value as a collectors item. They are available around Christmas time every year. They make a great gift for they are different and are a great conversation piece. At easter time one is available with a rabbit on it. Hope this answers your question. Yes it is worth keeping.

  2. Santa Dollar

  3. The santa dollar is perfectly legal tender….

    and not worth very much…

    it was more or less just a promo giveaway complete with a small card and envelope…

    The santa was nothing more than a kind of stick on that could be removed as well as placed over old george { since it could be removed it wasn’t defacing the dollar }

    a santa in mint condition with envelope could go for 5.99 — in your condition maybe 3 to 4

    its more of an oddity than a collectible {the dollar could still be spent}

    they were given every year over a period of a few years– until people lost interest…

    There actually was a set of printed three dollar bills with santa on them…

    {imagine somebody giving you a three dollar bill for change back– not many people were amused}


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    how much is a 1995 santa claus dollar bill worth?

    it looks to be in uncirculated condition. would it be worth holding onto?

  5. 1995 dollar bill worth


    $5… that series is still in circulation, so it’s not worth more. In fact, the federal government regularly removes used paper currency from circulation and destroys it. Paper money is only worth more than its face value if it’s more than about 50 years old.

  7. No….face value. If you examine it closely, you’ll see Santa is just glued over a real bill……..

  8. one dollar

Relevant information

There are a number of different answers to this question, depending on which “Santa Claus Dollar Bill” you’re looking for. Here are a few possible scenarios:

If it’s the kind where a Santa face is pasted over George Washington’s on a real dollar:

It’s a novelty item that sells in stores for a couple of dollars. They’re made by taking real $1 bills and pasting a picture of Santa Claus over George Washington’s face. It has no interest or value to currency collectors, but if you can peel off the picture of St. Nick you can still spend it as a dollar.

There are also Easter Bunny bills, cartoon character bills, etc. that are all made the same way.

If it’s a souvenir dollar from K-Mart in 1993:

The Santa Claus dollar bill was sold at kmart stores and they are legal tender and can be used for such…the value at this point would be debatable…it would depend on the buyer…The santa dollar received approval by the Departement of the Treasury, united states secret service on Feb 19, 1986 and Jan 31, 1994 under statue 333 USCA and is filed with the united states patent and trademark office No. 1674185. The Santa Dollar set is a trademark limited edition by marketing productions inc. St Petersburg, Fla.

If it is something different, or a new “Santa Dollar”:

Various Santa-themed dollar bills exist and may be worth anywhere from $0.50 to $10, depending on the design and who made them.

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