how much do hair extensions cost????

how much do hair extensions cost depending on the length??? what are the different types and how long can you leave them in for??? which is the least damaging????? how often can you wash your hair with them and what is the other maintenence you need to do?? this is going to sound really stupid but you dont have to be a certain age do you???? any thing else you know please tell me. i really want them but dont know much about it

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  1. If you are interested in hair extensions you first need to decide between synthetic fibers or human hair. Synthetic fiber is cheaper but styling is limited as you really cannot apply heat to it or products. Human hair is costly but it looks much more real.

    Using glue to apply extensions DAMAGES your hair.

    Get the hair sewn in or try fushion method where strands of hair are individually attached to your own hair.

    Glue typically lasts about a 1 week.

    Sewn in can last 2-3 months.

    Fushion method can last 1-2 months but it needs to maintained often because if it gets loose, you can lose alot of strands.

    As for prices,

    Synthetic hair is anywhere between $5- $10 per pack for any color and size.

    Hair hair is anywhere between $9.99 – $200 per pack depending on quality, color and length.

    Then you also have to consider to have the weave professionally applied, each stylist charges their own fee.

    Sewn in is usually around $125. Fusion is around $500. Glued in is around $50.

    I suggest getting your own hair braided up and having the weave sewn in. NO DAMAGE to your own hair. Take a trip to your local beauty supply if you choose to buy the hair first. If you know a full service hair salon, usually they carry hair that you can buy — however sometimes its more expensive so If I were you I would buy it on my own.

  2. How Much Do Extensions Cost

  3. How much hair extensions cost:

  4. Hair extenitons cost differnt p[rices it all matters with which Kind u get the kind that is lease damages is about 6 dollars for about 6 in added and For like 12 in like 10 dollars but it might be diff from where u are… the least damageing one is REAL hair… which can range from about 6 -80 dollars Which comes back to how long you want it

  5. No… it depends on the kind of hair you want, human, or synthetic. Synthetic is around $3.00 to $7.00 per pack. It usually last longer and looks a lot more real. Human hair is more expensive around $5.00 to $9.00. Its a little harder to maintain and usually it loses its color or gets really hard to handle and brush out. So i would stick with Synthetic. There are #’s for color types. 1’s are light 2’s are darker and so on and so fourth. Synthetic isn’t hard to maintain and you can wash it whenever you feel you need to wash it; the instructions to whether you can wash it or not are on the back of the package. No you don’t have to be a certain age. I’m 15 and i’ve had it since i was 2 years old. I was really cute with them in, since i’ve always had shorter hair.

  6. It depends waht you want done because my mom went to go get her bangs extented cuz she wanted them to grow out. First you have to go buy the hair you want to use then you give to the peolpe who are doing your hair but my mom was going to have to pay over 100 dollars just for bangs so imagine how much it would cost to get all of it done.

  7. It ranges from a few bucks to a few hundred bucks. Here are some pretty good ones from $5 and up:…

    There are plenty of different lengths and colors to choose from.

  8. If you have a Sally Buety, they have cheap humen hair extentions.

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How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost At A Salon?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost At A Salon?

August 01, 2019

By now, we’ve talked all about sew ins, clip ins, tape ins, glue ins, and so forth. But with all the talks of how much we adore extensions, how they make us look, how they make sure feel,  — we’ve never talked about getting them done professionally at a salon. And more specifically, how much that costs.

Now, I know a lot of girls who live their life by the fact that they can apply their own extensions, wigs, hair dye, and so forth at home; but I also know other girls who totally swear by the salon for the best results. So I got curious about how much they pay for those services!

How Much Do Salons Charge For Hair Extensions?

The best answer? It truly depends on the kind you’re getting, quality, length, and quantity. The price will also vary from each salon and each stylist.

After doing some research, I found out that you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $2,500, depending on the previously mentioned factors, as well as the location of the salon, demand or experience of the stylist and method of application.

Statistics say that a partial head of lower quality extensions alone can cost you between $150 to $300, while the higher quality pieces, such as the Remy Human Hair can cost between $250-$500 for partial, and $1,000-$2,500 for full (talk about pricey!).

These are the national prices on average for extensions at the salon:

Sew ins will cost: $130 – $200.

Glue ins will cost:  $300 – $500.

Tape in cost: $200+.

Clip in cost: $100 – $500.

Bonded cost: $1,500 – $3000.

Micro-bead cost: $200.

Fusion cost: $200 – $1,000.

Now before you go losing your mind on just how much this may cost, you also have to consider the cost of doing it yourself at home.

Doing your application by yourself at home can be almost as expensive in the end. How? Because of any or all of the following reasons:

  • If you accidentally mess up and ruin an extension.
  • The cost of color touch-ups and hair growing out.
  • Additional products to take care of your extensions.
  • Buying the essentials to attach and detach your extensions properly as needed.

So in the end, you truly have to weigh out your pros and cons. If you feel comfortable applying your extensions at home and truly know how to do them the right way, we could encourage you to use clip ins as they are easy to apply, last longer if cared for properly, and pose much less risk to the health of your natural hair.

16″ easiXtend Elite Remy Human Hair Clip In by easiHair

But if you choose to have a different or more permanent set of extensions installed, it is always best to put down a little extra money to ensure that they are done properly by a professional and in a way that will not cause you any discomfort or pain.

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