how much are circle lenses if they’re prescribed?

i want circle lenses but i don’t know how much they are if i wanted to get prescribed ones. what company is the best? i wear contacts..does circle lenses make your eyes really bad? i tried doing research on it but i can’t find anything…any information on it just let me know

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  1. As long as you take care of them like normal contact lenses, they should be fine… I wear prescribed ones called non-plano lenses or prescribed lenses. Plano lenses are lenses that are 0.00 power. Basically, for people with “perfect vision.” I have astigmatism, so I should wear toric circle lenses, but they normally range from 40-80 us dollars so I just settle with normal lenses (25 dollars) that have power (non-plano). I can see perfectly fine with them, so yeaaa.

    Oh, if you want to buy circle lenses, make sure that they sell authentic brandname lenses and that they’re not scam sites.

    && if you want to know where to buy authentic GEO/EOS c.lens at a cheap price… you should check out The GEO lenses are 20 dollars for a pair and the EOS are 25/pair. The seller is very very friendly&quick and the lens should arrive at your door a 4-7 days. Other online stores or whatnots sell c.lens for 20-30 dollars but have shipping fee of 5 dollars AND take almost 2-3 weeks to get them because they order them from Korea after you send in your order. At geoeyecandy, they pre-order everything from Korea and send it directly from California, so it’s faster. (Check if they have it in stock tho or it’ll take 3 weeks, but at least the shipping’s still free.)

    ANYWAYSSS~ if you decided to buy from geoeyecandy, when you fill out the order form, it would be amazing if you put down that (Jae Lee, [email protected]) referred the site to you :] Thank you~

  2. they can be bad for your eyes, and you need to have a prescription in order to get them.

    heres a news article explaining more-…

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