How many space related chocolate bars can you name?

Mars, Milky Way, etc.

whoever gets most wins =D

okay that dudes winning with a grand total of one…

Tizzie with 5…

any higher bids?

11 Answers

  1. Mars

    Milky way


    Star bar

    Star burst

    lucky stars


    mars Planets

    flying saucers

  2. A lot of people think that so many chocolate bars have space related names because they were invented in the ‘space age’, by Americans & that was their obsession back then, but they are wrong. Mars Bars were first manufactured in 1932, in Slough, by Forrest Mars, who was the son of American sweet manufacturer Frank Mars. They were called Mars Bars, simply because the mans name was Mars. As they added other sweets to their repetoire, many of those got space related names too, it sort of became a theme of the company. Mars Bars, Mars Planets, Milkyway, Galaxy, the sickly sweet Star Bars & now Opal Fruits have been renamed Staburst, these are all made by the same company. I can’t think of any other large manufacturer who makes a chocolate bar with a space related name.

  3. Mars Planets; Galaxy; Milky Way; Cosmic Missile; Star Bar.

  4. Mars, Milky Way, Galaxy, Star Bar, Magic Stars( chocolate but not a bar) Mars Planets. I’ll have another think!

  5. Galaxy

  6. Never get the time to read the name in our house my friend.

  7. milky way 🙂 but magic stars is the bsest tbh but it was taken :'( lol

  8. Twix



    Double Decker




    Fruit & Nut


  9. magic stars

  10. Mars

    Milky way




    …………………….Terry’s Moonlight (box of chocs)

    Space dust ( not a choc bar but a sweetie!)

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