How many songs can fit into 128 MB?

My brother got a free mp3 player from ESPN magazine, it only has 120 megabytes. How many songs will 128 MB hold?

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  1. Woah we have some different answers here, from 20 to 5 thousand according to some. haha.

    Most mp3’s are at 128 kbs, thats most common, if you dont know what you have you most likely have that, and at that 4-5 minute songs are about 3-4mb (about 1mb per minute, rough estimate) so i would imagine you could get about 28-36 or so, Pending if you have very short songs or long ones. I would bet on 3 full CDs.

    but some people have there songs at 64kbs, my friend does, and these songs only take up 1-3mb per 4-5 minute song, so they will get double the amount of songs. So if you are one of the fewer and has there songs at 64kbs, then you will fit AT LEAST 50 songs, and maybe as much as 70. again, pending on how long your songs are.

    And in case you dont know, the difference between 64kbs and 128 is the sound quality. the higher kbs you have the more space it takes up, and the better sounding it will be. the less kbs it is at will result in much less space, but also suffering sound quality.

  2. A song usually is about 4 to 5 megs, so 128 divide by 5 is about 25, and 128 divide by 4 is 32.

    So I would say about 25 to 32 songs.

  3. Songs are usually 3-4 MB a piece so it depends on how big the songs are… about 32 – 42.

  4. about 1 to 5 thousand

  5. on an average 20-30

  6. 128 MBS worth of documents….that’s rather based upon what you mean via “stuff” Audio mp3s are in all probability approximately 2-5mb on huge-unfold assuming that’s cd high quality sound. photographs relies upon on high quality of them…..and medical doctors…nicely you be conscious of all of it in simple terms relies upon on what it is your finding to save on a micro sd card…the cardboard or form of card I would desire to declare would not certainly rely, its relating to the area.

  7. depends on kbps and length of song. can be 27 to 35

  8. not much it would be around 30 songs or so

  9. a lot

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