How long is 1500 hours?

Its for bueaty school, a Cosmetology program, and it will be from 8:30am to 3:00pm. How do I figure out how long it will take me to complete it? (1500hours it says) So how many years?

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  1. 231days…with 5days a week it would be a little over 46 weeks…so it shouldn’t even take you a year

  2. 1500 Hours To Days

  3. How long is that? 1500 hours is 1500 hours long – it style of appears like a superb style of credit hours – or maybe for a pilot’s license?? 1499.sixty six is a pair of one/3 of an hour short! It appears like in case you put in 20 greater minutes of credit you would be performed!! In a school it probable ability you have til the tip of summer season, on account which you’re able to anticipate registration for summer season instructions, then pass a summer season classification to get your a million/3 hour of credit. yet I on no account heard of a school that needed 1500 credit, it is oftentimes something like, i do no longer comprehend, 15 x 8 = one hundred twenty consistent with risk for a Bachelor’s approximately.

  4. Well, you’re getting in about 32 hours a week. Divide 1500 by 32 and you get almost 47. It’ll be about a year, considering you go about 5 days a week.

  5. Figure 5 hours actual class time, so 300 days. About two years?

  6. i believe it’s 2 1/2 years.

  7. If you did it everyday then it would take about 230 days. But it just depends on how many times you do it, like everyday, twice a week, it just depends.

  8. about 273 days?

  9. well i dont know about years, but minutes would be 90,000

  10. lets just just face it yall do not know lol

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