How long can a Wendy’s Frosty last in the freezer before it goes bad?

Got one that’s been in there a few days. Anyone know? I want it so bad, but I’d rather not get sick 🙁

4 Answers

  1. My husband leaves them in there for a day or 2. They look so weird afterwards. they get very foamy but still taste great. i wouldnt eat it if u have had it longer then 4-5 days

  2. You won’t get sick if you were sanitary with it to begin with and you froze it right away. The most you might get out of eating it is a yucko old or rancid flavor.

  3. im sitting here eating one my dad left in the freezer for, i wanna say almost a month know lol..

  4. Certainly at least a week.

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