How fast is 256k internet connection?

How fast in minutes, or seconds will a 5MB file download? How about a 100MB file?

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  1. if you can imagine 256k connection , downloading you only get about a 10% of that speed to download with so your actual download speed will not exceed 30k and upload even slower, i have a 2mb internet and can download at around 260kb per second, sorry can’t work out your actual time it would take, but if i was you go for a higher connection speed, 256k is only 5x faster that dialup if your lucky !

  2. Theoretically: 256k = 256 Kb/sec. 5 Mb=5×1024 Kb, so it would take about 5x4x256=20 seconds. 100 Mb would take 20 times as long (400 seconds or just under 7 minutes).

    But those are theoretic numbers: chances are it will take a bit longer: a couple of minutes for the 5 Mb file, at least half an hour for the 100 Mb file, probably longer. It also depends on the upload speed of the computer you’re trying to download from, the number of routers the files will have to cross, your computer, etcetera.

  3. 256 kilbites per second…

    or 1/4 a megabite per second…

    so in four seconds you have 1 MB

    so 20 seconds (approximately) for a five MB file

    400 seconds for a 100 MB file..

    although this is assuming that the place you are downloading from has at least a 256k connection and that all of your bandwidth is going towards the downloads

  4. Just go here:

    You can use this site to calculate download times for a given file at a variety of bandwidths. It’s kinda handy…

Relevant information

You have probably heard it already. The magic number being thrown around by Internet service providers nowadays is 256 Kbps. Most people wouldn’t really care much about internet speeds until they suddenly notice they can’t upload an email attachment or view Photos they were tagged in on Facebook.

256 Kbps — which fun fact is also Uganda’s country code — is the speed that your internet will drop to once you have climaxed your data cap. This is especially true for users who are subscribed to “unlimited” internet bundles. For instance Smile Uganda will throttle your speeds to 256 Kbps from 2Mbps once you clock 100GB mark for Smile’s UnlimitedEssential plan while MTN Uganda’s new Basic Plan will drop you to 256 Kbps up from 2Mbps once you max 1GB a day until the next day. Same goes for Tangerine.

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Now we did some math for you. We wanted to know how much data you can consume a day or month with 256 Kbps. These tests assume you are constantly maxing your internet without power interruptions or internet outage from your provider. At 256 Kbps, your device is able to download at most 32 KB or data every single second. If you run for one hour, that’s about 112 MB of data, 2.636GB/day and 79GB/month.

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Data consumed at 256 Kbps
Period Data
1 hour 112 MB
1 day 2.636GB
1 Month 79GB

So if a provider is offering you “unlimited” internet lets say 2Mbps and throttles the speeds to 256 Kbps once your clock 50GB data cap, we can safely assume that they are giving you 130GB/month of data.

The fact is, you don’t want to browse the internet at 256Kbps because realistically speaking your speeds will drop further between 20Kbps and 120Kbps which is super super slow for using applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc.


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