How do you Unmute a TV without a Remote?

Well i believe that i had accidently, somehow, put my TV on Mute because there is no sound coming out of my TV when it use to. So does anyone know how to Unmute a TV without a Remote? PLEASE HELP!

and yes my Volume is up. It is in the 50’s range. I checked just to make sure.

6 Answers

  1. If the TV doesn’t have a mute button, try turning the volume up or down. That should cancel mute.

    Also…does the TV actually say it’s muted? Most TVs put a “MUTE” sign on the screen. If yours doesn’t have this, then chances are the TV isn’t muted. Instead, check the cables on the back of the TV to make sure they haven’t gotten loose or fallen out. HDMI carries both the video and audio signals, otherwise the red/white RCA cables are used for audio. Make sure they’re connected, to the right inputs, on both ends.

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  4. press the up volume button on the TV :]

  5. there are volume up/down buttons on side of tv……push one of them.

  6. u cant

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