How do you uninstall IMVU because every time i try it always freezes and won’t close!?

i heard how to but how do you open the task manager, there’s no blue bar at the bottom!!!!! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! im one hour away from rebooting my whole computer!!! IT always freezes and when i press the X button nothing happens!!!! It’s like it won’t let me uninstall it I HATE IMVU, the stupidest

thing ever!

2 Answers

  1. Unlocker will get rid of stubborn programs or pieces left by programs, so they can get back into them,

    Norton is famous for this. To use Unlocker, open Program Files, then

    the program in question,highlight all pieces,right click on any of

    them, click Unlocker, use the drop down menu to get Delete,

    click OK, some peices may be left after this, use Unlocker again and

    you will be asked Remove On Reboot, click Yes, job’s done.Use this URL to get it,

  2. task manger hold down ctrl-alt-delete at same time task manger will pop up try to delete imvu by going to control panel open programs&features try to remove it that way if that don’t work go to computer c drive programs then try to delete it that way be careful only to delete imvu

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