How do you solve log x = 0.25?

assume that base is 10

6 Answers

  1. Inverse of log x is 10^x.

    Using this information,

    10^(log x)=10^(0.25)



    x=4th root of 10

    x=approx. 1.778


  2. logx=0.25 with x=10 would be 10^0.25=x or 10^1/4=x

    You have to turn the logarithm into exponent form. So the base is the number, the answer is the exponent, and x is the answer to the exponent.

    If you learned about rational exponents, or fraction exponents, remember that they are are radical equations in another form. The denominator is the radicant, and the numerator is the number you multiply the radical equation by. So in other words, (^4√10)1which equals ^4√10

  3. log x = 0.25

    x = 10^0.25 = 10^1/4 = (10^1/2)^1/2 = √(√10)

    x = 1.77827941

  4. raise 10 to the 0.25

    1.78 approx

  5. x = 10^(0.25)

    x = 1.78

  6. do the inverse log function on your calculator

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