How do you open a bottle of tresemme heat protecting spray?

here’s the link:…

I’ve tried opening it and theirs no paper to block the liquid

When I squeeze the nozzle, it doesnt squeeze

On the bottle it doesnt indicate if you have to turn it in some direction

How do you open it? Lol

thank you

5 Answers

  1. lol theres like this black and sometimes red thiny

    under the nozzle u just take it off.…


    see the black thing.

    theres an opening to it and u can just pull it right off :]

  2. Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray

  3. Tresemme Spray

  4. There is a black thing blocking the spray hand thingy,

    I think you have to pull it off, it doesn’t show it in the picture.

    I had this problem too, but I was never able to figure out until a long time after, and it still didnt work.

  5. You have to push black button with is on neck of the bottle… to another side…it will work…

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