How do you hang the Ikea MALMA mirror?… shows what the mirror looks like. 2 hooks and a piece of string came along with the mirror, but I have no idea how to hang it without the string showing or without a space between the wall and the mirror. Any idea how?

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  1. Hard to put into words.

    Screw the hooks into the frame of the mirror about 1/3 of the way down from the top. By eye, anchor the “string” so that when it’s taut, the center of the string is about 2″ from the top of the mirror. Put the proper nail into the wall and hang the mirror. If you’ve done it properly, there should only be about the thickness of the hooks between the mirror and the wall.

  2. Ikea Malma Mirror

  3. Malma Mirror

  4. Your best bet, is to go to home depot or ace hardware and buy a set of heavy duty picture hangers. These will be much stronger then a nail or a couple of screws in the wall. There should be 2 predrilled holes, if not, measure equal distance down the sides and drill 2 small holes, with a pair of pliers screw in the eye screw all the way without stripping. the wire included should be wrapped at least ten times around its self around one eye screw. Feed the wire back and forth through both eye screws until you almost run out of wire. Then wind the end around all wires at one end until you run out. The guy who has a mirror fall will know why you use ALL the wire. That’s it, then hang the mirror on the wall.

  5. very carefully lol……sorry I got a chuckle anywyas…can’t help ya on this 1

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