How do I upload a picture on IMVU?

I am trying to upload a picture I have made for a public room. I already know how to upload a picture for my avatar picture. But I don’t know how to upload a picture in general. I have went to my homepage and to my pictures but I do not see a option to upload a picture. I used to be able to see one. But now the option is not there. Please help me to upload a picture for my public room. Thanks.

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  1. Steps:

    1.) Sign in at the imvu website(

    2.) when you are logged in click ‘account’ in the top corner (like this: )

    3.) now you’re on the ‘account’ page, scroll down just a little to the upload box. (see here, circled in red: )

    4.) click ‘choose file'(i’m using chrome so it might look a little different, but the button is the same) and select your file. but make sure to follow these rules: (underlined in red)

    5.) scroll down to the bottom of that box(under relationship status, ect. not too far down) and click ‘save changes’ (it’s at the very bottom too.)

    6.) done!

    Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Imvu Photo

  3. You say by HTML, everything uses it. What are you meaning, the upload form within the imvu website? If so then it’s not their problem, The servers simply did not update as fast as you’d like, or did not accept the file format of the image.

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  5. That doesn t help at all because I m either on my phone but mostly on my iPad and I don t know how to upload any photos someone pleaseeeeeee help me

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