how do i unlock floyd mayweather jr in fight night round 3?

i have the pound for pound title belt but i still dont have him… does anyone know how to unlock him…

3 Answers

  1. You cannot unlock him. You can however create him in the create-a-champ mode. My references show pictures of where the characteristics should be.

  2. Floyd Mayweather is not available in Fight Night Round 3. All you can do is create a character that may resemble him, but it really wouldn’t be him. Mayweather was only in Fight Night Round 2.

  3. are you able to truly think of Floyd in a boxing interest? think of if combat night around 4 emulate Floyd’s form. No KO means in simple terms organic speed. you would be compelled to catch him. once you’re utilising Floyd, you would be doing philly shell and taking opportunities. you will not be able to initiate up using fact Floyd’s means isn’t equivalent to different boxers. you will not be able to apply Floyd’s speed using fact there are different boxers available that are in simple terms as speedy. to not point out, that is 12 rounds. next element you will understand, you fell asleep. until you do in comparison to KOing combatants and prefer to container, you will love Floyd. yet i think maximum online game enthusiasts like to work out a KO by utilising the top of the combat.

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