How do I speak like Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler?

It’s quite fun to act like him(In the English dubbed version of the anime series ‘Black Butler’), but I cannot seem to get it quite right, I can get the “Oh, Bassy!” type of speech alright, but I just cannot seem to talk as him otherwise… Please help.

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  1. Me: Well, you must speak in a British accent very well or….

    Grell: Oh! Did I hear someone call for my sweet Bassy! I will put you on the death list bish!

    Ciel: Oh god, not this idiot again…Asa! Did you invite him?

    Me: Don’t blame this on me, Ciel. I don’t no how he showed up.

    Grell: How rude! A lady should be treated with respect!

    Ciel: Sebastien! I order you to dispose of the reaper!

    Sebastien: Yes my lord. Grell, leave. *eyes flash*

    Grell: Oh Bassy! I love it when you do that!

    Me: Uh, Ciel? Why don’t we answer the question over some tea in the study?

    Ciel: That sounds wonderful.

    Me: Okay, Ciel how do you think you would speak like the bumbling reaper out there?

    Ciel: Well, I would say you need to get the British accent down first. Then add in the horribly annoying voice next, which will take some practice.

    Me: I would suggest that you watch the episodes with Grell in them repeatedly, then *sips tea* I would try saying….


    Ciel and me: *face palm*

    Ciel: What Asa was trying to say is that say a few key phrases over and over again until you are able to *sips tea* speak fluently like Grell.

    Me: Well Ciel, it seems that Sebastien is still at it, would you like to play a round if chess?

    Ciel: Ah, so eager to lose I see. But, I see no reason in not…

    Me: *pulls out chess board* Getting cocky are we? Time will tell…

  2. That my friend I am an expert. Im the wife of Grell so I know him pretty well. First of all, british accent. Second, speak a gay tone of voice. Do a falceto knd of type. Third, when you say “r”, make it like dracula r(lol sorry if you dunno what I mean) fourth, there are times when he is serious and that s when his voice gets low like musculine low. And fifth, do it with a evil grin and if possible hand swifting.

    Hope I helped

  3. I’ve only watched the subbed version so I only know how the japanese voice actor sounds. I think the main thing is that he emphasizes his words a lot, and speaks very informally. Definitely feminine, and over-the-top dramatic.

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