how do I get rid of fleas. Our office is infested and nothing seems to work.?

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  1. Getting rid of fleas can be a tough job, but if you follow my directions, they will be gone in no time. Start by using a low pan, like a pie pan. Place this pan in the room and add a couple drops of dish soap. now fill the pan half way with water. Next, move a chair or similar object next to the pan. Attach a clamp light to the leg and position it directly over, and about 8″ above the pan. In the evening, turn on the light over the pan, and turn off all other lights in the room. Fleas will jump at the light, and fall into the soapy water and drown. The soap is needed to break the surface tension of the water so the bugs sink to the bottom. The next morning, empty the pan in the sink and wash them down the drain. Re fill for the next evening. Don’t be surprised by how many you catch, there will be a lot. Keep this up for at least two to three weeks because flea eggs will hatch after 2 weeks. This system works well, and a bonus, you don’t have to ingest flea poison every time you are at work. Good luck.

  2. Fleas In The Office

  3. You could try to get rid of them yourself by sprinkling flea powder on the carpet and then once the fleas are no longer active, vacuum. If you have serious infestation, you would need to call an exterminator. Is someone bringing their pet to work, btw? That is probably what caused it.

    Good luck!

  4. If you haven’t used a flea bomb, give it a try. You need to close down the office for at least a few hours, but I’ve found that they work quite well. Follow the instructions on the can exactly and you should have good results.


    If your employer is doing nothing to resolve the issue I would contact your local council (environmental health) and report it.


    A Vet would have the spray needed to get rid of them.

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