how do i dial to a mobile in Guadalajara, mexico?

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  1. You only dial 044 for local calls to mobiles not international. Replace the 044 with a 1. It goes…

    011 – International access code to get out of US

    52 – Mexico country code

    remove 044 from number

    1 – Needed for mobile calls

    33 – Guadalajara area code

    This is displayed well on Time Dial

    Dialing Mexico =… (select overseas to CPP mobile)

    Also useful

    Mexico Time Difference =…

  2. Dial 011-52-044 -33 then the 7 digit number. O11 is the international code, 52 is the Mexico code, 044 is the code for cell phones, 33 is the code for Guadalajara. See websites below for lists of country codes and area codes for other countries.

  3. That’s a good question!

  4. 5-xxx-xxx-xxxx

    Use the number 5 for long distance rather then 1.

  5. Not sure

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