How can I clear up my warrant for arrest without jail time?

So I’ll try to make this as short as possible.

2011, was in the park with a friend after hours.

Received a citation from a sheriff.

Skipped court date, didn’t pay fine.

I now have a warrant for my arrest.

Is there a way I can clear up the warrant without doing jail time?

I understand what I did was really dumb, I hate myself for not going to court.

To be completely honest, I really didn’t think they’d take it this seriously what with it being a citation received for being in the park after hours, but I guess I made this a bigger problem for myself.

So what can I do?

Edit: Also, if you answer my question, could you be a little specific?

Certain things that may seem like common sense might not be known to me, as I’ve never gone to court or dealt with anything like this. Thank you!

Oh, I forgot to include that I’m from the state of California.

I thought that might help a bit.

Also, forgive me if I seem dishonest ’cause I’m trying to dodge punishment.

I just really don’t think going to jail for being in the park after hours. This situation is almost laughable ’cause of how ridiculous it is.

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  1. turn yourself in. You will be arrested and jailed until you are brought before a magistrate to answer the charge. No way to get out of being arrested if you have a warrant for your arrest. You failed to show up for court in the past so the warrant is to compel you to show up for court. Next time take care of your business.

    It is ridiculous because you allowed it to get this far with your irresponsibility. Had you done what you were supposed to do this infraction wouldn’t have become an arrest warrant. In my state that little fine would now include additional court costs, a misdemeanor for failing to appear, a suspended jail sentence for the FTA, even more fines, jail booking fees as well as a daily fee for being incarcerated.

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  3. How To Clear A Warrant

  4. I would try to solve this problem through mail. If you’re not in that state, they don’t have jurisdiction to arrest you unless the state you’re in decides to extradite. If you REALLY don’t want to go to jail, try contacting the county with the warrant and come up with a solution. Pay a fine by mail, whatever…. Most counties would rather people buy their way out anyway due to the limited space they have available.

  5. you did not do the dumb thing you did the right thing. Who cares about your warrant don’t pay! What right does the state have to claim ownership of you and tell you when you can and cannot be outside?

    They have no right nor authority over you (unless you let them have it) You are a free human being and to pay them money, because they caught you out after a certain time, is to allow them to claim ownership of you.

    It has been two years they are obviously not going to catch you. The only way is if you get pulled over, then you go to jail for a few hours they release you and give you a new court date and guess what? You don’t go to that one either!!

    Stop bowing down in subservience to the criminals who claim to be our rulers. There is nothing wrong with being out past a certain time and the state has NO RIGHT to steal your money for it

  6. You should be able to take care of the citation by just paying the fine. No jail time should be required. I had a similar incident and just paid the fine with some interest. (It could vary by State though…)

  7. Call the clerk of the court that issued the warrant.

    It’s possible if you can sell them it was not done intentionally and you can pay the fines you might skate on it.

  8. Criminal Records Search Database :

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What is the Difference Between a Bench and Arrest Warrant?

In Nevada, (just like most other states) a bench warrant is a judicial order giving police the right to arrest you for defying court orders such missing a mandatory court appearance or fine payments.

It is important to note that there is a huge difference between a bench warrant issued by a judge and an arrest warrant obtained by police or DA and signed by a judge. An arrest warrant generally states alleged crimes you have committed and why you are an alleged threat to the public. Both warrants can be challenged.

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Do I have to Appear at the Hearing?

You do not have to appear at the hearing unless it is a felony warrant you are challenging. From this, you can see how important it is to have good counsel who can properly lay out the foundation for a judge to not only get the warrant quashed, but to let the DA know their case may be weak.

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