How am I supposed to eat Altoids?

I know this is a stupid question, but am I supposed to bite them or suck on them????

5 Answers

  1. You open the container and use a straw to drink them. Was it really that hard to figure out?

  2. If you don’t mind how strong they are, just suck on them until they are gone, otherwise chew it up.

  3. I put one on my tongue and let it melt, occasionally sucking on it

  4. its up to you and what ever you prefer. I personally don’t like them because they are too strong

  5. just let them melt

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How many altoids are you supposed to eat in a day?

I just got some altoids and I took only one altoid today. I was thinking of taking 2 altoids a day. Is taking 2 altoids a day okay? necessary?


How many altoids are you supposed to eat in a day?

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