Honda Accord (1999) turn signal relay?

this is driving me crazy. I have a honda accord 1999 year and I am trying to locate the relay for the turn signal/hazard lights. internet searches have proved useless and the manual doesnt say. Im pretty sure its not in the fuse box under the bonnet so is it in one of the other fuse boxes. Its a right hand drive car by the way. any help appreciated. no guesses please just really need an exact location. thanks in advance.

2 Answers

  1. it is in the driver’s side under dash fuse and relay box. you can’t see it unless you take the bolt out and drop the fuse box down as its on the opposite side from the rows of fuses that you see when you look at the fuse box from down under the dash. there should be one bolt that holds the fuse and relay box in place. once you drop the fuse and relay box down you should’t have any problem finding the relay.

    hope that helps

  2. Honda Accord Relay

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