(Homeless Project) What seasons rating is a Vango Marco Polo 300?

Hey, i help coordinate a homeless project in York ,we have a donation of a “Vango Marco Polo 300” sleeping bag but I haven’t been able to find out its season rating checked for labels (although they may be evading me 😛 and i have checked online but haven’t been able to find any info.

So anyone know what seasons rating is a Vango Marco Polo 300 ? (it needs to be 3 seasons or we can’t really give it away!)

Thanks for the help!


4 Answers

  1. Could not get their web site to open up either but looking on line it seems that bag is an older model Mountaineer bag rated to three season use as all the other 300 models are except the 350. Open it up fluff it out check it first but still give it away I would want that if I had nothing at all.

  2. Vango 300 Sleeping Bag

  3. Not sure. The 500 is good to -20 C (-4F). Which “York”are you from?

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Relevant information

The Microlite range offer a ultralight and compact sleeping bag which also has eco credentials with recycled materials used for the outer and inner materials and insulation. At only 1060 grams it offers a comfort rating of only 1 degrees. Loads of other technical features including thermal embrace, 3D hood & omega shaping.

Recycled Construction

The Microlite range is part of Vango’s Earth collection which uses recycled fabrics throughout its design. The Microlite 300’s outer shell uses a new recycled ripstop polyester which has an incredibly fine weave of 20D 400T giving it an ultralight silk-like feel. A diamond ripstop finish adds additional damage protection to the material and adds a technical look along with the high visibility Orange Sands colourway. To keep the weight down they have also opted to use a fine weave recycled polyester for the inner material which keeps the soft silk-like feel throughout the whole bag.

High Grade Insulation

For insulation Vango have produced a recycled version of its 4T synthetic insulation which is a high loft 4 hole fill with a patented channel structure to trap more air without creating bulk when packed away. The tri-lateral construction creates a floating layer of insulation without stitching passed through it which reduces cold spots. The insulation is designed to perform in all weathers even when wet.

Key Technical Features

  • Thermal Embrace – the stitching on the internal shell of the bag uses elastic thread so it hugs the body when you are inside. This reduces air space increasing the thermal ability of the bag without needing additional insulation
  • Omega Shaping – taking the traditional mummy shaping to another level, omega shaping has been engineered to position zips and seams in the lower section of the bag. It is also designed to shape better around the head and shoulders at the top of the bag
  • 3D Hood With Multi Cord Closure – the shaped hood gives a better fit around the head which reduces cold air space. It has two cords to tension the hood (top and bottom) and one has a flat cord and one rounded so you can adjust in the dark without worries
  • 3D Zip & Shoulder Baffles – for heat retention the bag utilises insulated baffles to cover the zips and also around the shoulders to contain warmth. The shoulder baffle can be tightened with the integral cord for a better fit. The zip baffle also includes a zip guard to protect against snagging when zipping up and down
  • Arrow Foot Shaping – for a more conformed fit when sleeping the arrow foot design follows the upright contours of your feet when laid down
  • Full Length Two-Way Auto-Lock Zip – only opens when you want it to and can be used from the inside and outside of the bag. An additional zip at the base allows you to open the bag for additional ventilation in warmer weather
  • Internal Pocket – ideal for storing your phone, gps, car keys or torch so they are safe at hand when you need them

Pack Size & Storage

With a 3-4 season rating the Microlite 300 packs down to just 26 x 19cm and weighs just over a kilogram. The quality capped compression sack allows you to shrink this size down even further without the risk of causing damage to the strapping which can happen with traditional compression sacks.



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