“hold a conversation” or “conduct a conversation”?

which one is more correct? is there any difference between them?

@Jay R: yea actually i’m looking for a more formal expression to write in my resume!

I just want to check if they are both give the same meaning or not

@lynn: thanks a lot!

@Esme: thanks a lot! & yes i want to use it to describe my level of fluency in italian. I wanted to say that i can easily have conversations with others in italian.

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  1. Is this to express fluency in a specific language? I would say that “hold a conversation” implies something like keeping up a conversation, holding one’s own, while “conduct a conversation” implies leading the conversation and/or initiating it, overseeing it, etc. “Conduct” definitely feels more formal. It implies that “conversation” is really a euphemism for meeting, or at least something more organized, which might not be what you want to express. “Conduct” seems a bit stronger but both seem awkward (albeit we are only guessing the context).

    I would simply change it to “converse” or “converse comfortably,” or something similar.

  2. How To Hold A Conversation

  3. https://shorturl.im/jlfDi

    This is a very unfortunate truth, imo. I volunteer in a classroom of children the same approximate age as those in the study and the differences between the boys and the girls is not necessarily what one would expect. The girls are confident, speak clearly, are appropriately socially adept and eager to engage academically. The boys are more reserved, quiet, do not seem enthusiastic academically and are really quite shy. Working 1:1 with them in a literacy program revealed some sad observations. The girls flew through their sight words with confidence and accuracy; the boys were self defeating, saying things like “I can’t do it, everyone knows I can’t do it, stop trying” or “Im just stupid, everyone knows it” or “reading is a girl thing, I’m a boy, I can’t do it”. Obviously it was incredibly self defeating. On the whole, the boys themselves seemed defeated re academics. I think probably yes, they are receiving the messages that the study suggests. One part of the study stood out to me especially: “Boys are punished and urged to conform to a more feminine style of play instead of being taught how to play responsibly with their preferred toys.” The message of defeat is at every turn; boys cannot even play like boys anymore. All the things that we think of as being stereotypically ‘boy’ have been banned by a zero tolerance policy. Not only are boys expected to sit still all day in a classroom where they are consistently told they can’t excel, they can’t even let off that steam at recess. To my knowledge, no one has ever died from the finger gun in a good game of cops n robbers. At this point, I think there is some value to be had in having male teachers teach boys and female teachers teach girls and have the whole thing separate.

  4. Well conduct a conversation means you were leading the conversation hold a conversation implies a less formal and even exchange.

  5. I don’t like either one. I’d say “have a conversation” (or “had”). “Hold” and “conduct” sound stiff and/or old fashioned.

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    “hold a conversation” or “conduct a conversation”?

    which one is more correct? is there any difference between them?

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