High Speed Internet Ready?

I’m moving into a new apartment next year for school, however the brochure for the apartment says, “high speed internet ready” does that mean that the internet comes with the apartment or will I have to pay for internet?

3 Answers

  1. No, it means the connection is there (probably a cable) but you PAY for it. It’s like saying “electricity ready”. The outlets are there, but you bring your own access.

    If it said “high speed internet access INCLUDED”, then it would be included with the rent.

  2. Ready does not usually mean included. Cable connections are high speed ready and or DSL Phone service is also high speed ready. That’s probably what they are talking about. You still would have to pay for the service. Hey, if your apartment is right next door to Starbucks… you could get a wireless card and tap into their connection. It’s still not that easy. They keep changing their passwords. Get a notebook and go hang out near a college. They usually have free wi-fi.

  3. That means it has a phone jack, If you are lucky an ethernet. Technically “high speed internet ready” means that it is located on this planet and within the reach of a sattelite signal.

    It means nothing and is a common throw away phrase to attract you.

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