Hi All. How do I go to Pangkor Laut in Malaysia from Singapore? How much would it cost? Thank you!?

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    Pangkor Laut sits just to the west of the larger Pangkor Island – itself just west of Malaysia’s Perak state. To get there, just take a ferry terminal from the bustling port town of Lumut.

    You should put aside a good eight hours to drive from Singapore to Lumut, talking into account any jams on the North South Highway.

    From the Tuas checkpoint follow the E2 Expresssway, heading for KL. You will pass such signs as: Kulai, Machap, Pagoh, Ayer Keroh and Port Dickson. You turn off at the junction for Nilai, well before Malaysia’s capital and continue on the E2, following signs for Cyberjaya and Shah Alam. You are now on the E6, bypassing KL. Don’t head for Shah Alam though – drive back on to the E1 (towards Bukit Lanjan and Rawang). You pass Bukit Beruntung, Tanjung Malim, Slim River and Sungkai before reaching your turn-off at the Bidor junction.

    From Bidor, travelling across country to Lumut is where it can get tricky. The initial part of this country road (58) that takes you through Changkat Jong and Teluk Intan and dutifully branches off into many roads and junctions with traffic lights, and no road signs… Be prepared to stop (several times) and ask the locals to point. The idea is to hit route 5, heading north and all the way to Sitiawan on route 18 and finally. Lumut. This last section of the journey is picturesque but also potentially confusing. Don’t be afraid to ask where you are.

    Near the jetty at Lumut is a guarded car park that costs a very reasonable 10RM per 24 hours stay. The Pangkor Laut tourism office can direct you there if you are uncertain.

    The ferry takes around 45 minutes from Lumut to Pangkor Laut resort and leaves 3 times a day at 8am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm. Be prepared to sweat though -the ferry aircon was not operating too well, which is a surprise for such a luxury package.

    The super-rich can opt to take a speedboat across, but at RM500 for this service (one way…) you may however want to consider what other goodies and spa treatments you could spend this amount of money on once you arrive at your destination.

    The cost however is varies and depends on your mode of travelling..

    BY CAR : Spend of about MYR150.00- MYR200.00 for petrol and highway tols

    BY BUS : Take transtar coach from Singapore arrive in Kuala Lumpur , estimated at SGD$40.00/person onwards then from Kuala Lumpur via Puduraya take another express coach to Lumut, Pangkor, estimated at MYR30.00/person. then from Lumut on board Ferry to Pangkor Laut. Schedule From Lumut to Pangkor Laut 0800 hrs 0900 hrs 1100 hrs 1200 hrs 1400 hrs 1500 hrs 1700 hrs 1800 hrs Cost per person per one-way – Adult: RM50.00 – Child: RM25.00

    get affordable package here: http://www.asiatravel.com/malaysia/pangkorlaut/pac…

  2. It forever belongs to Malaysia and why Singapore boleh perasan its theirs pun I don’t understand. It’s like the tenant telling the landlord that the house is theirs, tak bodoh ke tu. Whatever the negative or positive effects are, it still is Malaysia’s rightful property. Let’s just hope the ICJ thinks the same way. I can’t wait till its 4pm when the news will be aired on RTM channel.

  3. take a flight to KL.

    then take a bus to Lumut.

    then take a ferry to pangkor laut.

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