hey guys. what does supplemental balance mean?

Ok so i have just checked my local atm an it said my ledger balance is £42.00 and my Supplemental balance is £252.00 does this mean i can withdraw £252 or £42? thanks!

2 Answers

  1. It means you have a deposit of £230 that is on hold waiting for the money to be transferred from the other bank. Usually banks will not let you use those funds until they are sure the money is coming.

  2. What Does Supplemental Balance Mean

Relevant information

  • Current Balance means the total debit balance (inclusive of all Charges) which shall be debited to the Card Account outstanding on the Card Account payable to the Bank according to the Bank’s records on the date the Statement of Account is issued.

  • Component Balance With respect to any Component and any Distribution Date, the Initial Component Balance thereof on the Closing Date, less all amounts applied in reduction of the principal balance of such Component and Realized Losses allocated thereto on previous Distribution Dates.

  • Initial Component Balance As specified in the Preliminary Statement.

  • Target Balance means (i) $187.14, which is equal to the Partnership Unit Economic Balance as of the Award Date as determined after Capital Accounts have been adjusted in accordance with Treas. Reg. §1.704-1(b)(2)(iv)(f), reduced by (ii) the amount of Special Distributions per Partnership Unit attributable to the sale of assets subsequent to the Award Date, to the extent that such Special Distributions are not made with respect to the LTIP Units.

  • Asset Balance means, for any Payment Date, the Pool Balance as of the beginning of the current Collection Period.

  • Account Balance means, with respect to a Participant, an entry on the records of the Employer equal to the sum of the Participant’s Annual Accounts. The Account Balance shall be a bookkeeping entry only and shall be utilized solely as a device for the measurement and determination of the amounts to be paid to a Participant, or his or her designated Beneficiary, pursuant to this Plan.

  • Debit Balance means, as of any date, the dollar amount, if any, representing the accrued aggregate Annual Charge not deducted from the Liquid Balance.

  • VRR Interest Balance the Certificate Balance of the Class RR Certificates and/or the RR Interest Balance of the RR Interest, as applicable.

  • Parent Balance Sheet shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 5.13 hereof.

  • Current Balance Sheet means the unaudited balance sheet of the Company as at the Current Balance Sheet Date.

  • relevant balance sheet means the latest published audited consolidated balance sheet of the Group, but where the Company has no subsidiaries it means the balance sheet and profit and loss account of the Company and, where the Company has subsidiaries but there are no consolidated accounts of the Group, it means the respective balance sheets and profit and loss accounts of the companies comprising the Group;

  • Recent Balance Sheet has the meaning set forth in Section 3.5(a).

  • Economic Capital Account Balance with respect to a Partner, means an amount equal to such Partner’s Capital Account balance, plus the amount of its share of any Partner Minimum Gain and Partnership Minimum Gain.

  • Credit Balance means the funds remaining and due to a Student after such Student’s loans and other financial aid remittances, including but not limited to Title IV Higher Education Act program funds, have been credited to the Student’s account at School.

  • Supplemental Retirement Benefit means the benefit payable to a Participant pursuant to this Plan by reason of his termination of employment with the Company and all Affiliates for any reason other than death.

  • Economic Capital Account Balances has the meaning set forth in Section 5.01(g) hereof.

  • Subordinate Component Balance With respect to Loan Group I for any date of determination, the then outstanding aggregate Principal Balance of the Group I Loans (less the applicable Class I-P Fraction thereof with respect to any Class I-P Mortgage Loan) minus the then outstanding aggregate Class Principal Balance of the Group I-A Certificates. With respect to Loan Group II for any date of determination, the then outstanding aggregate Principal Balance of the Group II Loans (less the applicable Class II-P Fraction thereof with respect to any Class II-P Mortgage Loan) minus the then outstanding aggregate Class Principal Balance of the Group II-A and Residual Certificates.

  • New Balance means total balance due for payment by the “Principal Cardholder” to the “Bank” based on the “Bank’s” records on the date of issuing the “Statement of Account”. It may include “Previous Balance”, from previous “Billing Cycles”, as well as new balances which may comprise “New Cash Advance”and/or “New Retail Purchase”.

  • Most Recent Balance Sheet means the balance sheet contained within the Most Recent Financial Statements.

  • Adjusted Capital Account Balance means, with respect to each Partner, the balance in such Partner’s Capital Account adjusted (i) by taking into account the adjustments, allocations and distributions described in Treasury Regulations Sections 1.704-1(b)(2)(ii)(d)(4), (5) and (6); and (ii) by adding to such balance such Partner’s share of Partnership Minimum Gain and Partner Nonrecourse Debt Minimum Gain, determined pursuant to Treasury Regulations Sections 1.704-2(g) and 1.704-2(i)(5), any amounts such Partner is obligated to restore pursuant to any provision of this Agreement or by applicable Law. The foregoing definition of Adjusted Capital Account Balance is intended to comply with the provisions of Treasury Regulations Section 1.704-1(b)(2)(ii)(d) and shall be interpreted consistently therewith.

  • Accrued Benefit means the amount standing in a Participant’s Account(s) as of any date derived from both Employer contributions and Employee contributions, if any.

  • Supplemental Benefit means the monthly benefit payable to the Executive under this Agreement.

  • Plan Benefit means the benefit payable to a Participant as calculated in Article V.

  • Class Balance With respect to any Class of Certificates, at any time, the aggregate of the Certificate Balances of all Outstanding Certificates of such Class.

  • Cash Balance means, at any date of determination, the unencumbered and otherwise unrestricted cash and Cash Equivalents of the NCLC Group.

  • Adjusted Covered Debt Balance means, on any date, the aggregate Covered Debt Amount on such date minus the aggregate amount of Cash and Cash Equivalents included in the Borrowing Base.

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