Has anyone taken the JKL Training Academy Pet Grooming Certificate program and is it any good and good enough?

Wanting to become Dog Groomer. IF I took just the JKL Training Academy Certificate program (not the diploma) would I know what I am doing afterwards??

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  1. I think that getting a dog grooming certificate is a huge waste of money. I’m a professional dog groomer and i don’t have any kind of degree or certificate. I’ve been grooming for well over 10 years and was a groomer at the playboy mansion. The best thing to do is try getting a job at a grooming shop and they will teach you first hand how to groom dogs and you will be getting paid to learn. Being a dog groomer doesn’t happen over night either. It took me a least 2 years to learn how to bathe, clip nails. trim feet and brush and comb out a dog properly. Then it took me another 2 years to learn breed cuts. Now i groom some dogs for the show ring.

    I just hope you know what you’re in for .Grooming is a VERY stress full job and takes a lot of patience. It takes a special person to do that kind of job. Let me put it this way you can kiss off ever having time to eat lunch and take any breaks. People drop off their dog and want it done 10 minutes after they drop it off .Then on top of that owners don’t bother to train, socialize or brush out their dog making your job very difficult. Then they get upset when you yell them that their dog is so matted that you’ll need to shave it. They do not realize how stessed out a dog gets being de-matted. Then you tell them they need to brush your dog more often to prevent the matting and they say they can’t because their own dog bites them.

  2. Jkl Grooming

  3. Although dogs shouldn’t be attributed with having human characteristics, they are intelligent enough to be able to understand the concept of, and execute, certain actions that their owners require of them – if these actions are asked in a way that dogs find rewarding. So, with this rule in mind, owners have to be clever as well and find a way of training their dog that actually works quickly and efficiently. The eBook I wrote explains how to achieve this ideal – how to speak “dog” so that you’re able to communicate effectively with your four-legged friend.

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  4. I took the course you are talking about. I found it very good. It was a starting point for my grooming career. After I took the course I worked for a shop for a year and learned a lot. Also check out groomers.net. That is a web site with TONS of info

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  9. I will certify you just come on over and bathe and groom my dogs please, as i am too lazy, thanks! it will be a almost real certification too, you will be happy trust me, I have a awesome printer and can print up anything… heeehheeeeheee!

    Certs anyone?

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