Has anyone ever heard of AVO Dobermans from Lockport NY?`?

The breeders name is Alan Vortman and I am considering buying a puppy from him but want to know his reputation first. Anyone have any details?

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  1. I live in NY and personally I dont know this person. I dont know his dogs. I know 90% of the breeders in the area. Esp near Buffalo. I dont know if he is good or bad. I would wonder why he has only done some testing and not the rest. How long he has been breeding. Who he got his dogs from.

    I know where all my dobermans have come from who the breeders are and who they got their dobermans from.

    I know the health and genetics of all my dobermans going back 7 or more generations. I would want to know what his health garuntee includes and for how long.

    I didnt have to ask for people to put deposits on my puppies. I had waiting list that I could not full fill and not only that but I didnt take deposits until the pups were born. I took names and had a list a mile long.

    I dont see where he has shown any of his dogs. Well not a pre requiset I would wonder a little about that also. I also wonder if He breeds for the betterment of the breed or just for the $$$. I would ask for a reference from other puppy owners and from his vet.

    I would check with the DPCA and with AKC and see what his standing is with them.

    I would want to know about how long his other dobermans lived for. I would want to know what food he fed his dobermans to lose one to the tainted food.

    I lost one, but I will admit it was from my stupidity and I thought the treats I was giving him was ok. He was just a puppy. I would wonder what food he is feeding or was feeding his dobermans.

    Just some questions I would want to know from looking at his site.

    I dont know him. I know 90% of the puppies born right now. Who has them, who has some for sale, when they are available, and where they are from. I know the genetics and history of the parents.

    I know all this cause I am always looking for the ultimate puppy.

    I dont know this person so I dont know how long he has been breeding. Couldnt say if he is good or bad.

    Edit: You said you think the dobermans are small. Have you seen the Doberman adults yet in person? If they look small on the website I would say they are not of standard. I also will agree with Jordie, Only Vwd clear is not enough.

    7 year health clearence, but what does he offer with it? To many questions for me. 6 days old and 1lbs and 5oz is ok, for a small doberman. not to say he wont get big. Breeding for standard and to better the breed should be number one. I dont see that here.

  2. Doberman Breeders Ny

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  4. I just looked at their site. http://www.avodobermans.com/

    They are not reputable breeders, if they were, than they would have the puppies parents in dog shows first BEFORE breeding.

    Here is his quote (and excuse) on why he doesn’t “Why haven’t I done it? I do not have the time. The bottom line in my humble opinion is -it doesn’t mean that much.”

    They also don’t mention anything about having genetic testing done.

    Another clue that points to this “breeder” to being nothing but another Back Yard Breeder is that he advertises his puppies on cheap classified ad sites like pupcity. Reputable breeders stay far away from sites like that.

  5. No.

    They don’t have any individual info on their dogs, or health testing info (vWD clear isn’t enough). Their “stud” is from Kimbertal lines… the largest doberan puppymill in the US. Personally I wouldn’t want an Altobello doberman either.

    Email me. If you are near there, I have an idea of someone you might be interested in.

  6. Haven’t heard anything good or bad on the gentleman. If you are uncertain, please check out the Doberman Pinscher Club of America breeder referrals. http://www.dpca.org/

    Usually breed clubs are good as far as knowing the different breeders, breed rescues, etc. You could probably get in touch with the local chapter of the club and they could give you more information. http://www.dpca.org/chap.clubsmtoz.html

    Getting one breed club’s “breeder referral” is no guarantee of perfection, but the chances are better because they want to stay in good standings with the AKC.

    Good luck on your search!

  7. Did you try Google? He has a web site, but I have no personal knowledge of them. Sorry

  8. idk i dont live in NY

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