Half Reaction Potential F2 + 2e 2F +2.87 [Solved]

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What is Parmenides famous for? Parmenides: Parmenides was an ideologist whose works were greatly influenced by Xenophanes. Conversely, Parmenides’ historical background and life history were written by a great historian who existed in ancient Greece known as Herodotus. Besides, Parmenides was brought up in a wealthy family, according to the history written by Herodotus.
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What are the dates of Parmenides’ birth and death? Philosopher: A philosopher specializes in defining and determining the truth in different things. A philosopher helps individuals gain knowledge on something and enlightens them on the most important ideas or information.
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Electrolysis of Aqueous MgF2 In the solution-

we have H2O(l) , Mg+2(aq) & F-(aq) please see the attached image,

The most easily oxidized species is the one with the most positive potential – this means that in this case water will be oxidized to O2(g) (E0 -1.23 V), rather than fluoride ion be oxidized to fluorine gas (-2.87 V).

So – the “winner” at the anode is Water -oxidized to O2.

The most easily reduced species is the one with the most positive potential – this means that in this case water ( E0 -0.83 V ) will be much more easily reduced (to H2(g)) than Mg+2 (E0 -2.36 V) (to solid Magnesium, Mg(s))

So – the “winner” at the cathode is again  Water – reduced to H2(g).

So what actually happens?

Water is converted to hydrogen gas and oxygen gas and the Mg+2(aq) and F(aq) stay in solution.

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Answer and Explanation: Parmenides earned his fame for contriving metaphysics. In addition, metaphysics is an approach that provides detailed information regarding the concepts of realism and naturalism. According to Parmenides, reasoning enables people to learn about nature and how its constituents work. On the other hand, Parmenides stated that the constituents of nature had undergone the evolution process because he believed that nothing comes out of nothing.
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Answer and Explanation: The Parmenides’ birth and death dates are not quite certain, but the birth date was believed to be between 515 and 540 BC. Also, he was believed to have been born to a wealthy family in the Greek colony. Parmenides’ history also mentioned that he had written several city laws. He was also regarded as a poem writer with several sections containing a different message. The first section was the introduction, the second section was referred to as the way of the truth, and the third one was the way of opinion.
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